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Dreambook is a perfect journal app specially created for your dreams. You can save, track, analyze and interpret your dreams without thinking of any limitations.

With Dreambook you can:

- Store your dreams on your own Dream Journal. It will be shared across all your devices.
- Add hashtags to your dream, we ensure you that we will add eye-catching visuals to make them look better. It will also help you to categorize your dreams and follow re-occurring dream patterns.
- Use this simple diary and put down all your thoughts about your sleep cycle and dreams
- Easily navigate between your dreams
- Create, modify, delete dreams in a very simple and intuitive way
- Reminder – set a reminder just after your alarm and let us you remember taking a note of your dream.
- See your saved dreams on calendar view or list view
- Read blog posts about dream interpretation, dream journal, lucid dreams, and the science of dreams
- You can set a password from the settings screen and protect your dreams from people who can reach your phone, and keep your dreams even safer!

- All of the above features are free!

This personal dream diary is exactly what you need!

After using Dreambook you will start seeing connections between your dreams, and we will help you to create connections between your real life and your dreams.

You can be sure that DreamBook will keep your notes safe, and away from the eyes of curious friends.

In your first trial with Dreambook, or if you subscribe to our paid version, you will also be able to get:

Instant interpretation:
Just write your dream, in the moment you save your dream we analyze your dream and show you interpretations in your dream instantly.

Dream dictionary & meanings:
Search easily in our huge dream interpretation database, and see your dream meanings. No need to search for dream interpreters anymore. Your dream journal becomes also your dream catcher.

Dream analysis & dashboard:
By using our dashboard functionality you can use Dreambook as a nightmare tracker. You will see connections between your dreams.

Hashtags as moods: You will be able to follow which hashtags you use most in your dreams and you will be able to group them by hashtags or connected words.

You will easily filter your dreams weekly, monthly, yearly

See your most interpreted words, and also others.

After getting used to Dreambook, you will look forward to sleep to catch your dreams.

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Versie 1.2.9

- Lots of UX/UI improvements.
- A few bug fixes.
- Delete user functionality.

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5,0 van 5
8 beoordelingen

8 beoordelingen

Bne87 ,

Very nice and useful app!

I usually have dreams every night and Dreambook is a great app for the people like me! I love the design, moods and of course the dashboard a lot! Also it would be good to have a possibility to get monthly / yearly overview as a report.


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