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Download the first mobility (Parking) app to earn free cryptocurrencies! It's cheaper, and rewards you with real cryptocurrencies and NFTs for your green choices!

MobiFi App is a driver-focused mobility service app that brings cheaper parking, mobility services, and cryptocurrency rewards for sustainable travel behaviors.

We offer parking services in the entire Netherlands, both for on-street parking and indoor parking! You get the same parking experience as many other apps on the market, but in addition:

- You don't need to pay us any transaction or service fee; it's free from us.

- We reward you with public cryptocurrencies if you choose the recommended green parking options. Free cryptocurrencies that are worth real dollars.

- We accept cryptocurrency payment! We love crypto! Stable coins are supported now.

- More mobility services like bus, train, e-scooter services will be added to the app to make your travel cheaper, greener, and more fun!

We are still in the beta phase. If you face any issues or have feedback? Please get in touch with us via in-app (Whatsapp) or We have prepared special gifts for all the valuable feedback!


MobiFi App does not offer any investment or financial service at the moment; we will be working with our banking partners to ensure compliance before rolling out more cryptocurrency finance features in the future. End-user top up to get credits to pay for them mobility services. They use fiat or cryptocurrency to pay their services inside the app, establishing a consumer purchase relationship according to Article 7:5 paragraph 1 of the Dutch Civil Code.


Versie 0.6.13

1. bug fix on slow login issue from the previous build
2. bug fix on notifications

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