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Whether you’re looking for biryani to feed your desi cravings, soul comforting pizzas and burgers, or even a salad with a cup of chai or coffee, Zomato is the only app you need for the quickest doorstep delivery of your favourites. With over 1.5 million restaurants and 285 million ratings and reviews, discover the best around you in no time – only on the Zomato app.

• Order food online
With online food delivery across 500+ cities, you can get your favourites delivered at your doorstep within minutes.

• Track your order
Easily track your food order journey with live tracking on our app.

• Avail food offers and discounts
Get exciting deals on both - food delivery and dining.

• Opt for contactless food delivery and dining
Ensure maximum safety and hygiene by opting for contactless food delivery and dining.

• Become a Zomato Pro member
Enjoy exclusive benefits at partner restaurants by becoming a Zomato Pro member. Get discounts up to 40% on your dining experiences, and get 25% extra off on food ordering.

• Pick-up your order
With restaurants on takeaway in India and UAE, you can order online and pick it up fresh and hot from the restaurant.

• Search for and discover top restaurants, cuisines, and dishes
Find the best around you with Domino’s, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Pizza, Pasta, Noodles, Dal Makhani, Biryani, Butter Chicken, Pancakes, Salads, Cakes, Burgers, Dimsums, Sushi...and a lot more.

Use our search filters to discover healthy places nearby for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and refer to our theme-based curated lists called ‘Collections’ to find the best burgers, perfect romantic date spots, or the top trending restaurants in town.

• Access restaurant details
Look up restaurant menus, ratings, reviews, photos, contact details, map directions, and all the other essential information you need for your next meal - all in one place. Also, rate restaurants to help other foodies make informed decisions.

• Book a table to avoid queues
Avoid standing in waiting queues at restaurants by booking a table in advance.

Zomato is available across India, UAE and Lebanon. Some features are live in limited locations only.

Claim for #1 food delivery app in India on App Store screenshots is based on App Store ratings, and similarweb data.

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الإصدار 15.5.13

With our latest update, select and customise your orders with utmost ease. If you’re looking for that perfect thin crust, extra-extra cheese pizza, with sun-dried tomatoes and some juicy olives, this update is your new best friend. Now, you can -

• See exactly what you’re ordering with large-sized view of menu items
• Scroll through a cleaner menu with tags that share essential details (bestseller, must try, chef’s special)
• Seamlessly customise your order with clear distinctions between optional and required selections or add-ons

Update your app now and give it a spin!

التقييمات والمراجعات

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173.4 ألف من التقييمات

173.4 ألف من التقييمات

Prasad Atre ،

I wish I had option to rate zero star. Read the review below.

Zomato is not bothered after they receive money. They are not interested to resolve problems. I had placed order with Jaffer Bhai’s restaurant on Friday evening. Order was scheduled to deliver at 9:40 pm. However it was not delivered even after 10:15 pm do I started calling the restaurant directly. Restaurant management was least interested in even receiving the phone calls. I called them 26 times and all the called were unanswered. Then I tried to take help of Zomato where the only option available is chat support. The guy at the other end was replied that restaurant is not responding and that’s it. Then I fail to understand the purpose of ordering through Zomato when they have no control on the restaurants they have listed with them. The order was finally delivered at 10:35 pm. By that time everyone was already starving like anything. The experience was absolutely frustrating. I won’t ever use Zomato to order the food.

LiiluDallas ،

Used to be very good

There’s no better alternative for Zomato in UAE. I’ve been using this app for years now. In the first couple of years everything was perfect. Customer service was prompt and truly helpful, reasonable delivery charges (Zomato provided drivers). But what happened??? Cmon guys, don’t be so greedy! What the hell is with this new pop up adds??? “Upgrade to Zomato Gold to skip this add”. Seriously??? Is it not enough that we are paying 7 drh (almost 2$ btw) for the delivery for YOUR drivers? The percentage that you are getting from restaurants for EACH order made through app is apparently not enough either? Let’s get more money from annoying our customers! I don’t want to upgrade, and I don’t want to be pushed to do so in such a filthy manner! You didn’t improve application in any better way, moreover, it’s getting worse! To get a reply from customer service is a challenge now. And even if you got one, in 90% of the cases answer will be “oh, sorry, we cannot reach the restaurant to get an update on your order. Maybe you can try calling them yourself?”. Why should I? Both parties are paying you for your service, it’s your job to do follow up!
Anywho.... It’s very disappointing to see how great idea is turning into money sucking *hit.
I would gladly delete Zomato at all, but as I said in the beginning - there’s no alternative.

Meimo12 ،

Not at all helpful!

I have been a frequent user of this app, because some of the food places I love is there and deliver easily but I have had a lot of issues recently and one is really upsetting making me shift to talabat

They deliver the wrong food despite mentioning clearly in the instructions (and it’s not the restaurants fault but the zomato apps for giving wrong instructions) and when I emailed them (not once but 3 times) I got the same reply! “We completely understand how inconvenient this could be when the order is not delivered as per our expectations. We certainly never want our customers to face these kinds of issues and we deeply regret the inconvenience that has been caused to you.”

Rather than refunding my amount of changing the order, I was sent the same generic response and not given my refund. The food I was given I was allergic to despite mentioning it in the instructions and I had to throw it away. I don’t think zomato understands but we don’t swim in money so our money is important and if we are paying for the food, we expect it right or at least a refund! Despite the screenshots and several messages, very disappointing response! If you need customer service, please don’t use zomato. They have good offers and quick services but the customer service is horrible and I don’t think they care about their customers!! So disappointed !!

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