Meet the troops of Gears POP!

Gears of War’s steely heroes get an adorable mobile makeover.

Gears POP!

Epic Real-Time PvP Battles!


As the first Gears of War to infiltrate mobile devices, the lightning-fast strategy game Gears POP! rekindles one of gaming’s greatest conflicts: the ragtag human COG versus the reptilian Locust Horde. It also transforms the franchise’s most famous characters into chunky Funko POP figures – and there’s no better time to get acquainted. Here’s the scoop on six of our favourites.

Marcus Fenix

‣ The protagonist in the first three Gears of War games, this tough-as-nails Delta Squad leader was instrumental in the COG’s triumph over the Locust.

Strategic role in Gears POP!: Marcus is an all-around bruiser who quickly claims cover, thereby expanding your squad’s spawn area. He’s best used at the start of a match, but you can also unleash him later – when your opponent’s out of power – to quickly reclaim a lane.

Kait Diaz

‣ Though she grew up outside the COG, Kait joined them in Gears of War 4 when new monsters, known as the Swarm, threatened humanity. She’s also the star of Gears of War 5.

Strategic role in Gears POP!: Kait ignores enemy troops and runs straight toward fortifications and outposts, dealing heavy damage to both. Deploy her the moment a lane opens up so she can charge down the battlefield unopposed.

Augustus Cole

‣ A Thrashball player before he joined Delta Squad, the boisterous ‘Cole Train’ saved humans from the Locust threat in several Gears of War games.

Strategic role in Gears POP!: Cole can withstand lots of punishment while pulverizing foes. When you need to make a big push, put him in front to soak up enemy fire, then drop some supporting units (like Lancer Gears or Shepherds) right behind him.

Fun fact: When the Butcher (centre) isn’t fighting, he’s a chef for the Locust Horde – chopping up gnarly worms for his pals to eat.

The Butcher

‣ This hulking Locust brute cuts down the opposition with a giant cleaver.

Strategic role in Gears POP!: The Butcher is a slow-moving, expensive tank that can take and dish out tons of damage. Plant him deep in enemy territory to demolish outposts, and if you have the energy, add some supporting units behind him.


‣ Dubbed ‘monkey dogs’ by Marcus and crew, these scampering little beasts attack in packs, flowing right over protective cover.

Strategic role in Gears POP!: Wretches move quickly and are deployed in groups of three. Use these trios to surprise and smash foes before they reach your outpost.

General Raam

‣ The Locust army’s ruthless field commander, Raam was the primary antagonist in the original Gears of War. After Raam dramatically eliminated Delta Squad’s previous leader, Fenix took charge.

Strategic role in Gears POP!: Raam is your diabolical opponent in both the tutorial and the cooperative Horde mode. In Horde, Raam has special defenses and attacks you won’t see elsewhere: his swarm of flying Kryll forms protective barriers and delivers sweeping strikes that a two-person team can counter only with intense coordination.

    Gears POP!

    Epic Real-Time PvP Battles!