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Enlight Videoleap Video Editor

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You love shooting videos. Editing them? Not so much. But, that’s the beauty of apps: when you need a helping hand with something, there’s always one that has your back. Enlight Videoleap is just the helping hand your videos need. We love how simple it is to use, with a mighty editing punch packed in to boot.

The app’s interface is easy to navigate, with a preview window, timeline and toolbar. And that toolbar is the app’s editing powerhouse, featuring a range of dynamic functions that will completely transform the look and feel of your videos.

Here are a few of Videoleap’s key features that are indispensable to any video project.


Tap any imported video to load the toolbar. If you’re a Photoshop expert, you’ll be familiar with some of these tools.

Filters are self-explanatory – they change the look of your video in a tap. The Adjust tool lets you change the exposure, contrast and colour temperature, among other parameters – even a tiny tweak along these parameters can create a totally different look for your video.


For those who want to get really creative, Videoleap’s Mixer tool is a must-try; it allows you to layer a video on top of another video or picture and mix them into one final reel. If you’ve experimented with double exposure in still photography, then you’ll know the amazing effects this kind of mixing can produce.

Trying it for the first time? How about this – shoot a video in an over- or under-exposed background (one that’s very dark or very bright). Next, mix it with a video or a photo of the ocean or sky, say, to create a unique natural look.

Prism effects

Finally, one of the app’s coolest features is the Prism tool, which will give your videos a mind-boggling warped look. Put your subject in front of a colourful background, and you’re guaranteed an eye-catching result. It’s the perfect tool for those who love to experiment and push the boundaries during editing.

The joy of an app as versatile as Videoleap is that even when you find what you thought you were looking for, there are still infinite possibilities beyond that are awaiting discovery.

    Enlight Videoleap Video Editor

    Combine, Edit & Overlay Videos