24 hours to be a kid (again)

Hectic week coming up. Dozens of new emails in your inbox. Many of them marked as urgent. Your schedule is so packed it’s actually scary. Oh, boss has just sent an invite: unexpected meeting with a mysterious title. And you’re still trying to wake up.

Boy oh boy, if only you could go back in time and be a kid again. Even just for a day, reminisce the endless carefree fun of childhood. A 24-hour break from adulthood to enjoy, once more, the incredibly amazing taste of being a kid.

Well, go for it. These apps and games will take you straight to the good old days.

In analogue times, making cool home videos was limited to those who owned a video cassette camcorder. Because they were shot on film, all sorts of unexpected visual effects were incorporated to your scenes. With apps like VHS Camcorder and 8mm Vintage Camera, all the cool imperfections can be recreated while shooting a video in your iPhone and iPad.

    VHS Camcorder - Retro 80s Cam

    Old school 1980s video filters


    8mm Vintage Camera

    Shoot authentic retro films


Just like today, we were destined to spend endless hours playing videogames. However, to enjoy them we either had to go to the Arcade or plug in our ‘tiny-bit’ consoles into our TV sets. The games, just a bunch of pixels back then, brought endless amounts of joy to millions around the world, and thankfully, many of them are just a tap away.




    Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic

    SEGA's Platform Hit Returns


Pen, paper and cards
We’ve always been searching for fun, even when bits and pixels were nowhere to be found. There was a time in which all you needed were friends, pen, paper or cards to have a blast. True classics like Dots & Boxes, Uno, Stop and Pictionary delivered great entertainment to analogue generations, and will keep doing so – though more likely through their iOS versions, which pack loads of fun.

    Dots and Boxes - Classic Games

    Classic Strategy Board Games


    Stop - Categories Word Game

    Fun Trivia Battles



    The World’s #1 Card Game