Game essentials: Score! Hero

We take a closer look at the App Store’s must-play games.

Score! Hero

Be The Hero!


This is a football fan’s dream, letting you live out the career of a rising star all the way from youth trials to the ultimate honour: becoming a regular starter for your country in international tournaments.

Each Score! Hero match is edited down to a handful of highlights: the key moments where you’ve really got to make it count. Players move around automatically, while you must trace lines with your finger to pass, cross and shoot.

The ball closely follows the trajectory of the line you draw, which also controls pace and height. Sometimes you’ll need to keep it neat and tidy with short passes along the ground; against certain opponents, however, a lofted cross curled into the penalty area is just the ticket.

Across the course of each season you can expect plenty of drama. There are stirring comebacks and late rallies: you might be asked to claw back a two-goal deficit, or inspire your team to victory with a brilliant injury-time assist.

Not that it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Once you’ve found your first club, you’ll have to prove yourself, coming off the bench to make the most of your substitute appearances and win over the fans. You might find yourself embroiled in an off-pitch rivalry with a bitter veteran, and at other times you’ll have to bounce back from injuries.

Aim for the top corner and your player will do the rest. Peter Crouch would be proud.

You’re not always sent on to save a game, but to save face – scoring a brace to improve your goal difference ahead of a final-day face-off against your relegation rivals, or a spectacular consolation in a brave cup defeat against a much bigger side.

But in-between you’ll celebrate plenty of exciting milestones: your first professional club, your first international cap, your first major trophy, and your first move to a bigger club to realise your ambitions.

And it’s always satisfying when you prove the doubters wrong.

The story hooks you without ever getting in the way of the action: it’s told with wonderful efficiency through newspaper headlines, flavour text and incisive analysis from professional commentator Gary Bloom.

Challenges naturally get tougher as your career takes off. Top-level defences are harder to break down, often requiring more intricate passing moves to get past. And you’ll need to hit your shots perfectly to beat world-class goalkeepers.

You can make your hero look however you want by using the many, many customisation options.

Thankfully, there isn’t a single fixed solution. You’ll almost always have at least two options: maybe you’ll play the ball along the floor for your winger to run on to? Or would you be better lobbing it up to your target man, to flick on towards your attacking midfielder?

If at first you don’t succeed, you can keep trying until your generous energy meter runs out, with a handy rewind letting you fix a single step if all you’re missing is that killer finish.

You need only score enough goals to move onto the next match, but earning all three stars will have you itching for a replay. You might be asked to score from inside the penalty area, get two assists with your hero, or lash a long-ranger into what pundits call the postage stamp (the top-right corner, of course).

Whether you’re volleying home a spectacular scissor-kick finish, or tucking home a lucky rebound off the post, it thrillingly captures the best bits of the beautiful game.

Imagine football without the dodgy decisions and drab 0-0 draws – that’s Score! Hero for you.

    Score! Hero

    Be The Hero!