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Manage remote files efficiently with Transmit 5.

Transmit 5

Fast and easy file transfers


The FTP and cloud storage app Transmit makes working with remote files a breeze. It’s packed with little features to make your workflows more efficient. Here are four of our favourites.

Preview files instantly

Can’t remember whether IMG_2911.JPG is a photo of your conference room whiteboard or your adorable bull terrier? Quick Look, macOS’s handy feature for previewing files, also works inside Transmit, even for remote files. Just select any file in Transmit and press Spacebar for a... quick look.

Get the details

Transmit’s view options (View > Show View Options) let you customise the layout and information you see in the app’s file listings. For example, you can switch to icon or column views, hide or show hidden files, change the font size for file names and view file permissions.

Or choose File > Get Info to see details about a selected item, including the total size of a folder’s content. You can even assign Finder labels and change file ownership and access for remote and local files.

See details about a folder or file and edit permissions in Transmit’s Inspector view.

See two local folders side by side

Want to view local folders simultaneously without opening separate windows with Finder? In Transmit, simply open a new window and click the globe icon at the top of the remote pane (or choose View > Local Browser); both panes of your side-by-side window will now show local files. In either pane, you can navigate anywhere on your drive and drag files between the two panes.

Or stay single

If you prefer seeing each folder or directory in its own separate window, choose View > Show One File Browser. Transmit will show only a single pane for the remote directory, letting you use Finder to browse your local files. You’ll still be able to drag files between your Finder and Transmit windows.

Alternatively, while in One File Browser mode, open a new Transmit window (File > New Window) and then choose View > Local Browser to create a separate Transmit window for your local files.

    Transmit 5

    Fast and easy file transfers