A Boy and His Blob


Youre a small boy woken by an asteroid crashing to earth. Panicked, you jump from bed, grab your bag and rush outside, unaware that your life will never be the same again.

It might sound like the start of a horror story, but this is actually the beginning of the surprisingly moving tale of A Boy and His Blob. An unlikely partnership that will engage and move you while getting you scratching your noodle.

That’s because this beautiful puzzle-based platformer is harder than it looks. That adorable white blob you just rescued from the asteroid impact? He’s now your sidekick and, armed with a jar of jelly beans, you can transform his stretchy surface into whatever form you need.

Like feeding a Gremlin after midnight, it turns out that giving a blob a bean causes unexpected things to happen. You’ll quickly learn to control these form-morphing powers though.

Pick the correct sweet treat, and the cute little fella will contort into a ladder, portal, balloon, parachute, trampoline, or, well, pretty much whatever you need to overcome any challenging situation.

It’s crucial that you use the full array of skills to get past the increasingly challenging levels, too. It turns out your new blob buddy is here because his world’s in danger, and you can help, if you’re up to the challenge.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's an alien blob that can morph into helpful shapes.

As well as supplying you with a helpful companion, the asteroid also brought badness with it. Death-bringing black blobs litter the levels along with plenty of other hazards. Successfully navigate them though and you’ll unlock an array of objects that might just help you out later on.

A brilliant reimagining of the Nintendo classic, A Boy and His Blob is a heart-warming, exciting, tricky and, ultimately, fun game. Whether you remember the original or not, this version will have you gripped.

    A Boy and His Blob