A whole new (virtual) you!

If life had a reset button, we’d all be pushing it every now and then. Because let’s face it, we all dream of escaping to a different reality for a while, venturing on an exploration to a new world, one where we can become anything we want.

OK, so we haven’t yet discovered a magic portal to do this, but we do have a hand-picked selection of games for you to delve into new scenarios and, in the process, discover a new you. Whether you want to build your persona from scratch, or choose from a roster of cool characters, here you’re free to become whoever you want to be.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

You’ve got legendary backup in every battle.

Reinvent yourself as one of the 200+ heroes and villains featured in this epic Final Fantasy game. Do you see yourself as Cloud Strife from VII, Lightning from XIII or Noctis Lucis Caelum from XV?

You can summon whatever friends (or enemies) strike your fancy, so you can strategise and play the game however you want. Remember, there are no limits to this fantasy.




Choices: Stories You Play

Be the hero of the story. Any story you like.

No two stories are the same and Choices lets you be the protagonist of whichever storyline you want to be a part of. Search for your true love as you master the dating game, solve mysteries as a hardened detective or reclaim your throne as an ousted royal, plus many more. The choice is yours.

    Choices: Stories You Play

    Choose your drama story game