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A epic adventure through a world of monsters, traps and magic. A story-driven roleplaying game packed with tricks, puzzles, secrets, dilemmas, monsters, creatures, characters, wizards, spells, plots, love, betrayal and treachery.

"One of the finest RPGs ever made" -- Rock Paper Shotgun
Winner of multiple Pocket Gamer Gold Awards, IGN top mobile game spots, TIME's best mobile games...

* An epic narrative adventure in four parts, with hundreds of thousands of choices, where every choice is remembered.
* Your story writes itself around your actions, and no two adventures are the same.
* Adapted from the million+ selling series by legendary game designer Steve Jackson
* Unique strategic combat system based on bluffing and strategy - easy to play, tricky to master.
* Over fifty story-changing spells to cast. Talk to creatures, levitate, teleport, disappear, read minds, summon Giants, cause dancing, gain a creature's worship, and many, many more...

* Hundreds of characters, hundreds of stories. Secrets, and hidden storylines abound.
* Ten weird and wonderful Gods to follow.
* Unique rewind mechanic allows you to backtrack and explore different paths.

Ratings and Reviews

5.0 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

SoulTechnician ,

Five Stars Without Even Playing Yet

Still on Sorcery 3. Finished one and two. I don’t need to really give a review of how much I know I will love the final chapter of this game. Perhaps I’ll love it so much and edit my review to say always playing sorcery 4 who knows. Will edit and update my review when I finish as I love replaying and am doing so with sorcery 2 for an alternative story.

More than likely you could play this game ten times over and not see the same thing twice. It’s a very thought immersing, sophisticated, well put together and designed strategy game.

The story, characters, lore, the items even are memorable, and the places you have traveled definitely will give you either fond memories or bad memories.

Those memories and feelings can change quickly for one event that was previously not explored, or even a spell, or a different conversation can and will result in different reactions.

I have so far, gotten through Sorcery One and half through Sorcery two, I did try Sorcery three and stopped to finish the second. I can’t wait to finish them all and play again.

You do not need thought provoking applications or memories and brain enhancing apps. Strategy, euphoria, thinking five, six and sometimes well ahead, while being mindful to a common person and just as cautious with what appears benign, but being open to take risks progress you in so many facets and ways in your mind and the game.

It is in many senses, almost a game that can be utilized as a very seldom life experience for real life. Always be careful in all situations but live your life and have fun always while listening to all your senses and feelings.

Your mind is the present, logic, and memories or reason. Your heart is what guides you and the present moment to always be aware of and follow. Your gut is instinct and the future.

Always remember that and it will be understood in time to know if your heart and mind are being tricked by something you can’t see if your gut is telling you no. Or if your gut says yes and your heart is weary is only telling you to proceed guarded but with courage. Always rationalize and never listen to anything but your internal voice. If it doesn’t feel right. It’s not.

I guess I’ve been playing this game too much. Well. Back to it. Thank you!!!!

c0rnbred ,

My favorite game of all time and it’s actually 4 games and also a book

I reread my favorite books over and over as a kid. I was totally enamored by the possibility that if I read it again, maybe something new would happen and I would get to see more of the massive worlds I imagined behind the main narrative. This is massive wish fulfillment. A beautifully crafted, compelling, giant story all your own. And it’s different every time. Thank you inkle <3

Chitti S ,

One of the most underrated games to exist

I played sorcery for the first time a few years ago, when it was free on the App Store temporarily. Immediately, I was hooked. It’s a game you wish you forget so you can experience it for the first time again. Well, I just remembered it! Everything from the art style, plot line, games, quests, decisions, spells, inventory…the list goes on forever. Gorgeous game, unique gameplay, and an absolutely enthralling, addictive adventure. Just purchased all 4 games, can’t wait to relive this fantastic journey.


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