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4.7 out of 5
3.5K Ratings

3.5K Ratings

CommonMerganser ,

A Traveler’s Dream

Airalo is a game changer. The stressful days of trying to buy a data plan with a physical SIM card abroad, in an unknown town, in a foreign language, are now gone. With Airalo it was a breeze to find the right data package. Their regional plan was even better covering almost everywhere I visited. Cost wise it’s a no brainer: cheaper and more data than what my cellphone company was offering. I only ran into one problem when I initially tried to connect. At first my phone couldn’t find service, but I had googled potential problems and this seems to be common. By turning off automatic network connections and manually selecting the network I was able to get it work. I then turned automatic back on and the rest is history. Crossing borders and changing network providers was almost instantaneous. I don’t normally write reviews, but the thought of this service not existing because it’s unknown (like it was to me before this last trip) is terrifying - thanks to Airalo I no longer have to spend my entire trip panicking about whether or not I am going to lose my normal SIM card while a foreign one takes it’s safe spot inside my phone. Instead I just have data, no assembly required.

Developer Response ,

Hello! Thank you for sharing your experience with Airalo. We are sincerely happy that you could enjoy your trip and forget about the problem of connecting abroad :) We would love to share your review on our social media if you don't mind. Can you please send your response to, if you haven't already? :) We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Upanddown31 ,

so helpful!!

I was just on a trip to Switzerland and Croatia for about three weeks total and Airalo was perfect to use! The design of the app is really easy to navigate and had very straightforward instructions for downloading the eSIM. Definitely cheaper than my provider’s international plan and nice to not have to take out my existing SIM card. I did call my provider before installing it because my phone said my SIM was locked even though it shouldn’t have been, but I called them to make sure and I had no issues after that.

I’m not sure how this would fair if you’re going across multiple countries for just a few days, but for only 12 days in each country 3 GBs was a great amount to get around when I couldn’t find wifi. The only downside is that you do have to turn off your regular number so I couldn’t send or receive SMS (and any that were sent in the time you don’t see when you turn it back on) nor call — my texts and FaceTime calls just went through iMessage, but that might be a capability I just missed when setting up the eSIM. Either way I definitely recommend Airalo if you’re looking for a simple and easy way to stay online during your travels!

Developer Response ,

Hi! Thank you for sparing the time to let us know about your experience in Europe. We are glad to hear how much you appreciated our service and prices. As for the downside, we will take it into account and investigate this issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We hope to keep you connected on many trips to come :)

Joe Tilley ,

Easy Button for International Data

I used to switch to T-Mobile or Google Fi when traveling internationally, which meant stopping my Cricket service, porting my number, and paying a higher rate for a month of service when I might only need the international data for a few days.

My wife and I traveled to Aruba recently, and decided to try out Airalo instead. Since it uses the internal eSIM, we were able to keep our existing cellular plans untouched and just add a 1GB/week plan for under $10! The Airalo app made it super easy to install the eSIM on our iPhones, then we had to make some small modifications to the cellular settings (which the app provides instructions for) and it worked great after that! I have wifi calling enabled, and my iPhone indicated that my Cricket service was running over the Airalo data connection, just like it does when I’m connected to wifi, so I was still able to use my main phone number as if I was still on domestic coverage.

This will definitely be our main travel data option going forward, as long as they have coverage for the country we’re traveling too.

Developer Response ,

Hi Joe! Thanks for your wonderful feedback! We are thrilled to hear that we're able to help you in staying connected in Aruba. We are doing our best to provide excellent service at the best possible price and hope to make it even more affordable. Thank you for becoming a part of the Airalo family and until your next travel with us!

Lienel S ,


We went to Portugal and upon our arrival my T-mobile (US) Cellular data wouldn’t pull out Waze. We were circling around outside the airport with our rented car trying to find signal - to get to our Airbnb (Imagine how tired and exhausted we were after a long flight, we just want to relax but we couldn’t get there) and Waze never worked.
We even called T-mobile technical support trying to make the data work but it didn’t. We were helpless. But for some reason the Iphone maps worked (at least to get to our Airbnb). So when we arrived to our Airbnb, I immediately searched for eSIMS and found this. This is my first time using eSIMS, my husband used it as well. To our surprise, it’s perfect for all our needs. All the apps worked fast (even 5G) without using too much data. We purchased 30 GB - $19 for 15 days and on the last day there was still 29 GB left unused. It was reliable, powerful search and best eSIM ever. I will definitely used it again the next time we travel abroad. It totally made our trip hassle free and memorable. I would absolutely recommend it!

Developer Response ,

Hi Lienel, thanks for your wonderful feedback! We are thrilled to hear that you're happy with our services and we look forward to helping you stay connected on many trips to come!

mkdewolff ,

Very affordable

Very happy I found out about Airalo. I bought two Esims one for Switzerland and one for Rurope, Italy and Spain. Both work really well. You just switch back and forth. Much easier than having to find a kiosk in country and buying a physical SIM. Also a fraction of the cost I would’ve been paying for Verizon my carrier in the US. Just search for hints and tips from Airalo as well as other bloggers who written about some difficulties they’ve encountered getting connected. I had to wait a gre minutes before each were activated. but once they were everything was smooth sailing. I will end up paying under $30 for 830 months day. Under Verizon that would’ve bought me three days. The only issue I had was when I was in the states and downloaded the ESims. I had a question and it took a long time for Airslo to get back to me. Turned out my question was irrelevant when I got in country and everything went fine after landing at Charles De Gaule airport in Paris. It’s eSIM all the way when I travel from here on out.

Developer Response ,

Hi there! Thank you for leaving us a wonderful review. We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with our service. It's our goal to let everyone stay connected globally while keeping it simple, affordable, and pain-free. We would love to share your review and may use the blurb fully or partially on our social media for marketing purposes. Can you please send your response to, if you haven't already? :) We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Justin4233 ,

Really terrible experience

I don’t write reviews ever but people need to hear my experience. I’m sure this doesn’t happen much as it seems many people really like this company, but they really failed me. I arrived in Italy and turned on my esim as I was supposed to. It said it was connected, but I could not access any data. After struggling for an hour to get the data to work or to connect to public wifi I sucked it up and paid international fees for my plan back home. After HOURS talking to customer service they realized there was an issue with their provider and told me it would be fixed. The next day It was working, except for the fact that iMessages wouldn’t send. One of their recommendations involved me turning on my plan back home (with them saying it wouldn’t charge me anything), which worked but charged me in full on my home plan. Don’t worry though, they offered me a refund if I returned their esim (which would leave me completely without connection abroad) or they gave me 25% off a future purchase done by the end of May (capped at $7 while the international fees Alone cost me $30+). Again, I’m sure this doesn’t happen for everyone as most people love this company - I’ve just had a really really bad experience with them and would not recommend them to anyone.

Developer Response ,

Hello Justin! Thank you for reaching out and sharing your review.

We are sorry to hear you have faced such inconveniences with the service. This is definitely not the kind of experience we'd love to provide. Your feedback is of great value to us and it will be taken into account.

Mattdenney07 ,


I probably use Airalo in an unconventional way. Where I live, my T-Mobile service is awesome. However, I also hunt and fish in some pretty remote locations that are lacking in T-Mobile service. Now with Airalo, I can access data on other networks and still use iMessage and internet when my T-Mobile service is nonexistent. On iPhones, you can set your Airalo eSIM to automatically or manually choose a network... it usually defaults to AT&T in my area, but if I switch it to manual it will generally give the option to choose from several different carriers depending on your location. As an example, I currently have a choice between 9 different networks, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and a few smaller providers. I seriously can’t recommend this service enough!!

Their customer service team is also extremely fast in responding to emails. I accidentally deleted my eSIM profile on my phone. After sending them an email, I had a response within an hour with a new eSIM and my new plan transferred over to it.

Developer Response ,

Hi Matt! We are so much grateful for your warm words. We do our best to provide our customers a positive experience and we are thrilled to hear that you find the service useful. Thank you! Stay safe and stay connected.

Mohanad Issa ,

Highly recommended

I have been traveling across Europe for the past 3 weeks. I have been to 4 countries so far and the regional bundle was amazing. It saved me a lot of time, money, and headache of purchasing Sim cards upon arrival to expensive roaming options on my local courier. The service worked great and even when I am on the train crossing borders, the service stops for a while (due to losing signal) then reconnect to the other country available networks. There was one time that the internet wasn’t fast and the signal wasn’t good, but the solution was very simple which was that I manually selected the network and service was great. I had no interruption with service (only in very few places that didn’t have signal). Setting up e-sim was very straightforward and I recommended to get it if you are traveling to multiple countries or one country for few days. It surely felt good to have internet upon landing to a foreign country. Airalo made everywhere I travel feel like home. Get Airlo and stay connected.

Developer Response ,

Hi Mohanad! Thank you for leaving us a wonderful review. We are glad to help you stay connected during your trip. Thank you for becoming a part of the Airalo family and we look forward to helping you stay connected on many trips to come!

We would love to share your review and may use the blurb fully or partially on our social media for marketing purposes. Can you please send your response to, if you haven't already? We are looking forward to hearing from you! :)

jake2488 ,

Great Connectivity in Costa Rica

Purchased a cheap data plan in the States via Airalo before a trip to Costa Rica to familiarize myself with the dual-sim. That worked well, so I bought the Costa Rica eSim and couldn’t have been happier. I will say, it becomes a little tricky avoiding fees with your Stateside carrier as even though I spoke with Verizon representatives 3 times before leaving to make sure my account was setup the best to avoid international fees, I still was charged for one day of TravelPass (oddly at 3am while I was asleep). Verizon credited that back and I’ve found the best approach is to completely remove any international functionality from your phone line before leaving. Even with Data Roaming disabled for my Verizon sim, it somehow still triggered that one TravelPass day. Once they disabled all international roaming, I didn’t incur any additional travel fees.

Overall the eSim worked perfectly and I’ll definitely be using it for all future international travel. Thanks Airalo!

Developer Response ,

Hi there! Thank you for a very wonderful review. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip to Costa Rica with our eSIM! Thank you for being our customer. Stay safe :)

gnrkeiffer ,

Works great- until it doesn’t

When it’s working, it works great. But that’s true of all eSIM providers. When it’s not working is where the problem lies. I had two SIM cards suddenly stop working while in Chile. The first time I was texting with their chat support for 5 hours (slowly answering all the troubleshooting steps I told them at the beginning I had already tried) and finally got an $8 prorated credit. Not at all worth the time. The second time I tried a global card and again it worked for several days before stopping. Another endless chat session. I finally went to bed and woke up to find they’d closed my support session for lack of response in the middle of the night. Unresolved, my SIM expired the next day. Their only solution was to buy another card and they’d keep trying to fix it. I tried a competitor and had a similar problem, but their support was MUCH better: fast, responsive, and it looks like we’ve solved the problem, a buried setting on my phone. Unfortunately I can’t recommend Airalo because their support just isn’t good enough.

Developer Response ,

Hello Keiffer, thank you for your feedback! We are pleased that you are satisfied with our services. We will keep making you happy by providing world-class connectivity! Until your next travel with us!