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This is a supplementary app for board game Alchemists from Czech Games Edition. It allows players to scan ingredient cards from the board game to find out what potions they can create.

It also help players who do not have the board game, but are interested in the mechanics, to learn the rules or the game. And they can even experience the mixing of potions and try out their skills as academics. So if that's your case follow these steps:

1. Tap [settings], then under Ingredients selection: chose "Select by hand". From now on, you won't need to scan actual cards, you will just chose them mechanically.

2. Tap [Start new game], this will randomize correct solutions.

3. Tap [Drink Potion] to perform your first test. Choose any two ingredients you wish and tap [confirm] to combine them. They will give you a certain color and sign. Note the result.

4. Repeat step 3 as many times as needed, to find out what ingredient contains what alchemical.

How many tests do you need to perform to find out all correct answers?

To check if all your answers are correct, tap [Final round] and then [Show answers].

If you want to find out more about the rules of the game, you can also tap the INFO button to learn everything there is about mixing potions.x


Verze 2.2.4

-Russian language

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Hodnocení: 20

Tecguy2345 ,

Fantastic app to a fantastic board game

I love using this app with the Alchemist board game, which is one of my favorite deduction games. If you were weary when app integration first came to tabletop gaming, don’t be. It is here to stay. While Alchemist is one of the first it is also one of the best to use an app for proper gameplay. Do yourself a favor and pick up this game to become a master alchemist!!!

Ptarmigan74 ,


This is a fun board game and the app worked great for us. You do need the physical game if you want to play (vs. just learn how potions work in the app) - the app is not a game by itself.

Is this a pigeon ,

Tutorial? Words? Something?

It would be great to have any idea what any of this game was. A basic tutorial, or even just some sort of text to know what you’re doing.

Odpověď vývojáře ,


thank you for your review. In description of the app is mentioned that this isn't independent app. This is companion/support app for our boardgame Alchemist.
For more information about the boardgame please check this url:

Kind Regards,

Team CGE Digital

Ochrana soukromí v aplikaci

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Podrobnosti nebyly poskytnuty

K doplnění podrobných informací o ochraně soukromí bude vývojář vyzván při zveřejnění příští aktualizace pro tuto aplikaci.


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