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A nossa aplicação permite-lhe que tire fotografias para documentos oficiais como o passaporte, o visto, o cartão de cidadão, o cartão de estudante, a carta de condução, de forma conveniente através do seu telemóvel.

A aplicação editará as suas fotos automaticamente, para que estas estejam de acordo com os requisitos oficiais.

Já não é necessário passar horas à procura de um estúdio profissional! Agora pode você mesmo tirar a fotografia para o seu passaporte, visto, cartão de cidadão, cartão de estudante ou para a sua carta de condução em casa. A aplicação edita a fotografia escolhida por si de maneira a que esta tenha o fundo branco adequado e respeite os requisitos de tamanho de cada país.


Versão 1.5.12

Minor fixes and improvements

Classificações e críticas

4,3 de 5
1,2 mil classificações

1,2 mil classificações

Nônönønō ,

Slightly unintuitive UX but it works of you’re careful

I accidentally ordered a “digital only” photo and didn’t realize until after a few days. I then ordered print photos, and requested a refund on the first order. The refund started processing about a minute after I sent the email requesting it.

Good customer service to catch this kind of mixup, but I wish the app UI itself would have been clearer about what I was doing. Most people will be using this app once or twice every couple of years, and probably in a hurry, so it needs to be extra foolproof to help people like me buy the right thing the first time.

So, if you’re careful and make sure to order print photos, it’s excellent. I really appreciate having the ability to get ID photos without needing to go inside somewhere.

Resposta do programador ,

Hello, I'll be happy to hear any suggestions to improve the experience to make our app even better at Best regards

Samng55 ,

Easy and fast

My mother in law needed to have her passport renew. I went to several Walgreens and they stop taking passport photos because of COVID. I did some research online and came across photo aid app. Took pictures of my mother in law and submit it. Took a few minutes for the experts to review and sent confirmation that the photo is accepted and will be ship out.
After 5 days of waiting, I look at the confirmation email and realized maybe I had imputed my address incorrectly and email customer service. But instead of waiting for a reply, I had placed another order just in case the first one was wrong. But after a few hours, Jessica from photo aid reassure me that the address in the first order is fine and I will received them. I then told her I placed a second order, and asked if that can be refunded. She answered quickly and said it would be easier if she refunded the first order. Having that said, I got the pictures on the 6th day and the refund on the 7th day. The customer services is stellar and I showed my mother in law the pictures and she’s so happy with them. I’m so happy I found this app for future use!

Resposta do programador ,

Thank you for your feedback! Your words are very motivating. We recommend ourselves to the future, we are constantly improving our operations to make the process of taking photos even easier! :-) Best regards, Photo AiD Team

Goeie Môre ,

14 Days later. No photo.

I would give it zero stars really. I used this app once before for photos. They were fast and efficient. Even though they charged me twice because their app had an error, they refunded me the difference. But I had to email them after checking my bank account. Even though It was during the pandemic but it arrived in a timely manner. I used it again and have been waiting now for 14 days with no arrival!! I’ve emailed them a couple of times and they keep saying this or that. Even asked for the order number and payment receipt. *Sigh. After I ordered the photos, Dennis sent me an email asking to rate their app and service, what a nerve. I thought I’ll wait to see if the photos arrive in 3 business days.... well 14 days later and It has not and I have not heard back from anyone. They emailed to say they’ll refund I’m not sure if they meant the $10 or the $5 or both. Because the app charged me twice. Again! I’ll check my account to see if all monies were refunded. Now we have to go to UPS anyway and the passport application process had been delayed. And to add that we are pressed for time. Very disappointing. And passports aren’t cheap, who knew getting your photo done could be so stressful. (Especially when you’re trying to juggle your family and work).

Resposta do programador ,

Could I please contact us by e-mail - I will help you solve your problem and see what stage your order is at. To do this, we need your order number or the e-mail address you provided when placing the order. Best wishes.

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