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[ Review ]
***** by Alfredo1986r / Pro farm / Wicked best... - Apr-2013
Awesome graphics and gameplay;
Is this it - Addictive game. Totally amazing;

***** by I'm UR fan / Zabmab... - Apr-2013
Awesome game love it tons better than sex;
Best - Really good get it addicting

***** by Sakupus / Janjan240rho / Boneman636... - Apr-2013
Addictive, Gunna keep me up for days;
Cool app, Best game ever! game play is great on iOS6;

[ Story ]
"The end was near!" - Voices from the Zombie War
Two hundred million zombies... Who can even visualize that type of number, let alone combat it? During this Zombie Apocalypse, there is a surviving family … Can they hold off the waves of zombies roaming everywhere?

[ Features ]
* Unlock all 8 characters with unique capabilities!
* Equip all sorts of epic weapons to crush the zombies!
* Learn over 100 active and passive skills to battle!
* Wipe out all the zombies in the 3 infected areas, and more coming!

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版本 1.7

+ new infected area! military zone;
+ new boss & zombies! more challenging;
+ added new advance weapons & gears;
+ improved gameplay balancing;
+ bug fixes, optimization;


4.1(满分 5 分)
176 个评分

176 个评分


Fun game

The reason why it isn't give star is because the second boss is impossible for awhile and the gear in the shop isn't strong enough and the good ones are like 4,000 coins


Overpower difficulty and low rewards

The first few level are averagely challenging, but the 2nd boss is overpowered.

The 1st boss is ok, high health good damage and defense. The 2nd boss is way too tough for a beginner. It can do high damage, has 3 layers of health and has two skills charge and AOE stun.

Aside from that the rewards in the levels are too low even with a item thrown it (poor - somewhat decent) it one thing to make a game challenging, but making it so hard that you may have to use money to even stand a chance is nuts.



Been downloading games on this phone for 4 years.. I have gone through hundreds of games.. Some deleted within 20 minutes, some engaging me for over a year... This one might fall in the second category depending on how long of a game it is... Good job devs!

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