First released in June 2010, CopyIt is the original and most feature rich grid drawing app available anywhere! See why so many artists, teachers and students are using CopyIt as an essential tool in their workflows.

Due to the large number of features in CopyIt, the toolbars are scrollable. Try scrolling each toolbar to access all of the available buttons.

Used by artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci, the grid drawing method has been brought to digital life with CopyIt. CopyIt assists you in copying, enlarging or reducing your chosen reference image using the grid drawing method. You do not even need to be artistic.

The grid drawing method has been used for centuries. It breaks images down into smaller work areas allowing you to focus on the actual lines and shapes within each square, rather than trying to draw the whole picture at once. You can't help but achieve with this method.

Using CopyIt as your reference object, it saves you from having to print your photos and ruin them by drawing grids over them, but unlike a real photo, it gives you the ability to zoom into the fine details. With a pencil, you then draw up a grid with the same number of squares using a separate medium, such as paper or canvas. Working square by square, you CopyIt!

If you want to draw an image larger or smaller than the original, the pencil-drawn grid should be drawn larger or smaller than the original grid on the device with the same amount of squares.  All that matters is that the contents of each square are drawn to scale.

- Comprehensive Help
- Portrait or Landscape orientation
- Universal App, compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
- Fullscreen mode (hides toolbars)
- Built-in Music player
- Audible feedback (can be turned off)
- Extra options in the Settings App
- Set your Maximum Zoom level from x1 to x20
- CopyIt can resist entering standby while in use
- TubeMatch™ for approximating tube colours
- Mosaic to average surrounding colours into coloured squares
- Tonal Strip to help identify values
- Media types (Imperial and Metric)

Grid Options:
- 6 Grid Types
- Preset or custom Columns, Rows and Points grid sizing options
- To maintain the grid visibility regardless of your photo, choose from 9 grid colors, Black (default), Gray, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Magenta
- Grid transparency is adjustable in 5% increments
- 5 different Grid Line thicknesses
- Grid letters and numbers (now 8 different formats)
- A center point in each grid square
- Guidelines: 1/4 and 1/16 to help you copy your subject
- Solid or Dashed Guidelines
- Guideline colour can be set independently to Grid colour
- SmartMove: Just touch a square once to zoom to that square
- SmartMove: takes advantage of your maximum zoom setting, never zooming in more than that amount
- Target mode highlights the current square and dims the rest, helping you to focus your attention

Filters and Effects:
- 12 Primary Filters
- 6 Secondary Filters
- Onion Skin Feature: Overlay your reference image above your work to quickly assess your accuracy
- 12 different image aspects
- Rotate the image in 90 degree increments
- Vertical and Horizontal Flip image

Import Options:
- Cameras are supported - both front and back
- Load Project
- Load From Photo Album

Export Options:
- Save Project
- Export Photo (AirDrop, email, message, print, export to Facebook, Twitter etc)

For detailed instructions on how to use CopyIt, a user guide is available within the App and on the Support website.

You can contact the developer on Facebook or Twitter. or @copyitforios

Thank you to all our users for their feedback and feature suggestions which have helped make CopyIt what it is today.

What’s New

Version 6.2

- Minor bug fixes.

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
203 Ratings

203 Ratings

Captainfunpants ,

Broken app is a project wrecking waste of time and money

Everything works great at first when you load it and start working, but once you take a break after several hours of meticulous, careful work and close the app, you’re doomed. When you reopen the app, the view either sticks in vertical and refuses to flip to horizontal, or if it does flip to vertical, it completely resizes the grid and shifts the alignment, and nothing you can do can get it to go back like it was. It’s a scrambled, glitchy mess. That means that your work is ruined, because you can’t reestablish your reference points, and you have to throw out your freaking canvas and start the ^>¥{¥,!~*] over. I feel like I’m going to vomit. This company has wasted my time, materials and money, and if they know that their junk app is broken and they continue to charge $10, then they’re running a scam, plain and simple. Do not buy this app until the people behind it acknowledge and fix their seriously flawed (read: utterly defective) product.

Developer Response ,

Hi, thanks for your feedback, but to be fair, I replied to your email within an hour. As discussed in reply to your support email, please try loading your project in the same orientation that it was created in for it to display as expected. There are many reasons as to why the display does not rotate as explained in the CopyIt User Reference Guide within the app and on the support website. When you are zoomed in or the Lock button is enabled, CopyIt will not rotate when you rotate your device. This is by design, so you can move your device around while working without the display accidentally rotating on you. To have CopyIt rotate once again, you must be zoomed out at x1 and make sure the toolbars are Unlocked. I am sorry you experienced such frustration and that you felt you needed to start over, but I would have been happy to help you and get this sorted for you if you had of given me a chance to. I want my customers to be happy with my products, so please feel free to contact me if you require any further assistance. Kind Regards, Nigel Green.

Owensv ,

This guy knows what he’s doing

The developer has to be an artist, or else he has consulted extensively with a few. This app combines several tools any artist would find useful, with all the features one could ask. And for less than the cost of a single tube of paint, in many cases. Besides being a wonderful drawing aid, this app has some fantastic tools for analyzing a potential photo reference, such as examining a subject’s value range via a black and white posterization filter and a handy gray scale strip chart you can use to overlay your photo. This is incredibly useful. The features are too many to list, and I continue to find nice little touches that just show off the thought that has gone into this. Well done!

Me18579 ,

It works, but is difficult for iPhone use

I purchased this app last night and was eventually able to get it to do what I needed, but there are some issues with using it on an iPhone. My main problem is that once I have my grid and image in place, it would be nice to be able to pinch and zoom all the way in an out just to get an overall view of the image placement within the grid, but it gets stuck on the zoom out and usually won’t let me see the very edges of my grid unless I do the target zoom. Not a huge deal, but kind of annoying. It would also be nice if the saved projects showed the date/time saved.

Developer Response ,

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

When you zoom all the way out, the toolbars may still be obscuring the edges of your reference image.

You can use the Hide Toolbar button at the far left of the bottom toolbar to toggle them.

I will look into adding your suggestion about the Project date.

Kind regards,


Nigel Green
5 MB

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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