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The first and only full field hockey video game !

Version 2.0:
- world cup mode
- gameplay enhancement
- penalty shootouts & keeper control
- malaysian national team
- easy control option for beginner

Version 1.1:

Field Hockey Game
Choose among the 12 best national teams, join the 3 divisions championship, use the self-pass rule, dribble, pass and score to get to the playoff or, better, to be promoted and... who knows? To be Champion!

Some of the features
- Full Championship
- International Cup Mode
- Solo Season
- 3 Divisions
- 12 National Teams
- 6 against 6 game
- Self Pass Rule
- Penalty Shootout!
- and much more...

Short Tutorial
---Menu & Championship---
** In order to be promoted you need to get the minimum of points required during one season. There are 3 divisions, once you access to a new division, you will be able to select better teams. If you reach the "play-off" you will have an additional 2 games to try to be promoted. Only if you get 4 points minimum out the 6 possible, you will get promoted.
** All statistics of your Championship Seasons are recorded in the Hall of Fame. Friendly games stats are not recorded.
** If you want to play with TOP 4 teams like Australia, Germany, England or Netherlands, you will need to play "Friendly" or to reach the Honor Division (1st division in the Championship)

---Start a game---
** Start the Championship. Select a team from the lowest division (minor). Try to be promoted and then you will able to select better teams...
** Start a friendly if you want to train or play with your favorite team
** Players of your team are controlled with the left hand (pad for the direction and running / sprint) and the right hand for the shoot/pass/tackle/dribble etc.
** When a ball is out of the field or during a fault, all players are frozen during 1 second and then the self-pass can start
** Penalty Shootout: the player start from outside of the circle and has one unique chance to shoot on goal (unlike the real rules where the player has a limited amount of time)
** In each game you can press the pause button or the "reset" button (in case someone interrupted your game when you were just about to score ;-). Button located on the upper right corner of the screen.

---Defensive Play---
** Button 1 (left) - Change Player
Change player to take the nearest player to the ball
** Button 2 (right) - Soft Tackle
When in the way of the opponent, press and hold as long as you don't have the ball.
** Button 3 (down) - Hard Tackle
Movement of your stick toward the opponent player/ball (caution to penalty fault!)

---Offensive Play---
** Button 1 (left) - Pass
Use the pad to give the direction to the pass you want to make
** Button 2 (right) - Dribble
While running, press and hold the button (as long as you need) to start dribble
** Button 3 (down) - Shoot
When in the circle, use the pad for the direction and then shoot

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Version 2.0

- FHG Cup mode
- Additional National Team: Malaysia
- Gameplay enhancement ("orange circle" around the player in control of the ball, Speed adjustment)
- "Easy Mode" (one button for all actions, easier on smaller screen or for beginner)
- Control of the Keeper on Penalty Shootout (against) !!!

Notes et avis

3.5 sur 5
10 notes

10 notes

1Chicagoblackhawks ,

Update now

Finally someone made a real field hockey game.but here's some thing that you need to put in an update:bigger buttons,bigger d pad,tutorials,more teams,more camera angles,more stadiums,women,add difficulty option,put half length,commentary,weather,replay,a referee,goal celebration,better player and stadium design.if you do that then this will be one of the greatest sports games on the App Store. Thanks :D

Thomas M. Frisco ,

Not WORTH the $$

The controls are to small for the ipad, can not control the game, no user guide, tutorial, or directions.


Mathieu Pauwels
195 Mo

Nécessite iOS 6.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPad.




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