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Kết nối, cộng tác và ăn mừng một cách an toàn ở mọi nơi. Với Google Meet, bạn có thể tạo và tham gia các cuộc họp video chất lượng cao cùng với tối đa 250 người khác một cách an toàn.

Tính năng chính:

• Tổ chức không giới hạn các cuộc họp video ở độ phân giải cao
• Gặp gỡ an toàn: các cuộc họp video được mã hóa trong quá trình truyền dữ liệu và bằng các biện pháp chống lạm dụng chủ động, giúp giữ an toàn cho các cuộc họp
• Dễ dàng truy cập: chỉ cần chia sẻ đường liên kết, sau đó khách mời có thể tham gia bằng một lượt nhấp chuột trên các thiết bị
• Chia sẻ màn hình để trình bày tài liệu, trang trình bày và nhiều nội dung khác
• Theo dõi qua phụ đề trong thời gian thực nhờ công nghệ chuyển lời nói thành văn bản của Google

Thông báo về quyền truy cập

• Máy ảnh: Cần thiết để cho phép người khác thấy bạn trong cuộc họp video
• Micrô: Cần thiết để cho phép người khác nghe thấy bạn trong cuộc họp
• Thư viện ảnh: Cần thiết để cho phép bạn chọn ảnh hồ sơ tài khoản

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Phiên bản 44.0.0

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6.6 N đánh giá

6.6 N đánh giá

Afnan Kabir ,


Hi. I am a student and have been using Google Meet for COVID-19
situation. It is good but unlike others,I spotted some issues. Those are-
1. When I pin someone,his/her video/presentation mysteriously disappears and it happens again and again. This is a big problem for me and other students.
2. The option of mute/unmute and video always goes away. So make those stay so I don’t have to tap at the screen so many times.
3. Add auto join. Cause my teacher always has to go to the meet app to admit students IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CLASS!!! DURING SCREEN PRESENTATION
4. Give us the ability to chat privately. There a lot of reasons we have to talk to each other privately. (Not for unnecessarily talking in the class)
5. In your new update when I press the mute/unmute button, my microphone won’t turn on/off. Please fix this.
6. When more than 2 people are talking I somehow get unable to turn off/on my microphone(no matter how much I tap,nothing happens).
7. PLEASE! I BEG YOU!! Fix my issue no. 1 and 6!!!
Device:iPhone 5s
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
That was all my spotted issues.
The reason I didn’t add echos cause it’s not a bug.(70% sure) It happens cause of low connection. It also happens when some participants unnecessarily unmute their self’s. Cause the sound coming out from the speaker gets caught up in the microphone.

Susan 38117 ,

Has taken over my calendar w/o permission

I didn’t have this app, & as I have for years, invited someone to my appointment as I booked it into my calendar. This person drives me to medical procedures, & this is the simple way to do it, as I use my Gmail & Google calendar apps. When I was working, I used it the same way to set up in person meetings. However, now in my notes, a huge notification & link shows up stating that this is a video call! Why would I invite my driver to a video call? I didn’t even have this app installed at the time! I only installed it to write this review. In person meetings & appointments are still happening during COVID, as there are some things that HAVE to be done in person. The developers have set video meetings up as the default for ALL meetings no matter whether people have the app or not (even the person SETTING the meeting!), which is a bit of a boneheaded move. Please change it back, so you’re not inconveniencing & confusing every single person who is setting up in person, socially distant, masked meetings. Let people set the meetings for video calls from inside THIS app, and set it up so they show on their calendar, rather than for y’all calendar meetings to be video. I may try your app in the future, but this whole thing took something really simple & made it frustrating & time-consuming. Thanks.

Phản Hồi Từ Nhà Phát Triển ,

Hi there. Thank you so much for the feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time to give us your opinion and feedback on the app. We take all feedback very seriously, and if you'd like to send feedback in the app, please send it to Meet > Settings Menu (top left) > Send feedback.

lifeplan4.2 ,

Works pretty well for me

Due to the Covid virus, I meet with my fourth grade class on meet once a week, and meet with my colleagues and principal one to two times per week as well. I've seen a lot of complaints about the system crashing frequently, but I haven't had that problem. I did get bounced out of meetings twice, but signed back in within 30 seconds.

The only shortcoming I've found with it may not even be one in a business or other setting. It would be nice if moderators (more than one) could adjust some of the settings during a meeting. We have students post continually in the chat column. When one is told to stop, another child starts typing a question. With 40+ kids in meetings, it would be nice to be able to shut chat off, and to mute disruptive participants as needed. A minor complaint, and definitely not something that would impact everyone. But for teachers, using google classroom, it would be a nice touch.

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Yêu cầu phiên bản iOS 11.0 trở lên. Tương thích với iPhone, iPad và iPod touch.

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