Create stunning animated and interactive web content with Hype. Hype’s HTML5 output works on all modern browsers and mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. No coding required.

*** Hype’s free download includes 14-day fully functional trial and document viewer mode. In-App Purchases are available for Hype Standard and Professional editions, with discounts for previous owners. ***


Hype v4 is here! For a comprehensive list of what's new, visit:


Hype is an award-winning tool used by leading designers. Create animations which add a “wow” factor to web pages, infographics, presentations, digital magazines, ads, iBooks, educational content, app prototypes, portfolios, animated GIFs, videos, entire websites, and much more. From prototype to production, anyone can create rich interactive media with Hype.

Quickly Animate:
• Easy to use keyframe-based animation system
• Record mode watches your every move, automatically creating keyframes as needed
• Create natural motion curves with bézier paths
• Morph between vector shapes with no effort (even with different number of path points)
• Make scenes for organization and flow
• Use the power of multiple simultaneous timelines to run animations

Add Interactivity:
• Action handlers kick off and control timelines, transition between scenes, or run custom JavaScript
• Visually build action handlers to respond to taps, clicks, and animation events

Create Stunning Content:
• WebKit-based WYSYWIG “what you see is what you get” scene editing
• Intelligent guidelines, arrangement, and sizing tools
• Easily integrate video and audio for stunning multimedia documents
• Cutting-edge effects: blur, image filters, backdrop filters, scale, skew, reflection, and 3D transforms
• Add Google Fonts or use your own web fonts
• Setup accessibility alt text, roles, and tab index
• Retina image support

Perfect for Mobile:
• Hype’s HTML5 output works great on mobile devices
• A flexible layout system resizes your content to fit any screen
• Easily add swipe, touch, and page turn actions
• Bind drag events to timeline positions for rich interactivity
• Preview your projects on iPhones and iPads with the free Hype Reflect companion iOS app
• Hype Reflect’s Mirror Mode shows edits live as you make them

Extend with Code:
• Edit the Inner HTML of any element
• Integrated JavaScript editor for writing functions triggered by user actions
• API to control scenes, timelines, and more

Export to HTML:
• Outputs state-of-the-art HTML5, CSS3 styles, and JavaScript
• Content works across all browsers from IE 6 up to the latest Chrome
• Self-contained directory holds all resources and code for your document
• Integrate into existing pages by copying and pasting 3 lines of HTML

Great for Ads:
• A minimal document is only 24 KB (self-hosted, compressed) or only 1.5 KB overhead when using the official CDN
• Export Script plugins extend Hype to support common ad systems
• Advanced Export fine-tunes deliverables

Hype also Exports:
• iBooks Author widgets
• Videos
• Animated GIFs and PNGs

Because We Love the Mac:
• Written in Cocoa exclusively as an macOS app (supports 10.10 through 10.14)
• Adopts new macOS features and is gorgeous in Light and Dark modes


The Hype Professional In-App Purchase and adds powerful features to Hype 4:

• Responsive Layouts
• Symbols for creating reusable elements
• Persistent Symbols for master content
• Sprite Sheet/Image Sequence Import
• Waypoints
• Physics
• Editable Timing Functions
• Customizable Interface
• Grid System
• Advanced Export
• CDN for JS Runtime
• Ad System Plugins
• Fallback Images
• External Editors
• Behaviors
• Templates
• HTML Data Attributes
• OAM Export
• APNG Export
• Video Bitrate/Codec Options
• And More!


Download Hype now and start your free trial! Video tutorials and documentation is available on Hype’s website.

Ratings and Reviews

5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

petester80 ,

Hype 4 Is amazing!!!

Great app all around!

Podmasher ,


Create interactive HTML projects that are as basic or as complex as you want. Hype combines the simplicity of what-you-see-is-what-you-get design with the power and flexibility of JavaScript. Build whatever you can imagine. There is an active user base sharing code snippets, too.

Photics ,

Tumult's Magnum Opus

Back before the turn of the millennium, Flash was king of web animation. But then Steve Jobs famously said... "Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it's because of Flash. No one will be using Flash, he says. The world is moving to HTML5."

I knew he was right, but I wasn't happy about it.

That outrageous time in the history of the Internet was almost a decade ago. While HTML5 is the true successor for web animation, the tools to create such content didn't exist... not with the power and simplicity of Flash. How was I going to get my job done? How was I going to create interactive animation for an increasingly mobile world?

Back in 2011, Hype was born. It was the answer to the question. What will replace Flash? That succession didn't happen overnight. Version 1.0 of Hype was released on May 20, 2011. It wasn't until version 1.6, released on January 7, 2013, could I actually use Hype for production use. Almost two years later, advanced features like "Timeline Actions" and improved JavaScript support were added to the app.

That's what big updates are all about. There's a key feature that alters the way you work. With Hype 4, eight years after the initial release of Hype, there are two additions that are ABSOLUTELY REVOLUTIONARY.

The first change is the addition of shapes. You can add polygons, vector or freehand shapes. You can effortlessly animate the border, to make it appear as if these shapes were drawn into the scene. Amazing! It's a distinct look that could be this generation's mini skirt or gated reverb drum sounds. There's a style that defines a generation. Hype 4 has the potential to shape the modern web.

Vector graphics was a feature that was available in Flash, way back in the 90s. Why did it take so long to return? Why is Hype just getting this feature now? Browser support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) was lacking for most of Hype's existence. That explains the display of vector based animation. As for the creation, Hype 4 is not a replacement for a vector editor app. The big reason is that the editing tools are pretty basic. Additionally, artwork can't be imported as an animated shape. (Vector artwork created in Hype can be exported by viewing the HTML source code and grabbing the SVG code. You still can import SVG files, but they can't be animated with the additional effects of a vector shape created in Hype.)

Clearly, Tumult has more work to do, but Hype 4 is such a tremendous jump from the previous version. The company has been steadily progressing, making the app better and better. Tumult is very responsive to feedback.

The other big feature is the Physics API. This puts Hype in game development territory. One of the things I truly enjoyed about Flash was how it lead to the prevalence of web games. Flash was a fairly easy platform for making games. Roughly two decades later, Hype 4 could usher in a new golden age of web gaming. Hype 4 unleashes the power of the Matter.js Physics engine, which is similar to Box2D. (As an example, Angry Birds was built with Box2D.) Hype is 2D animation and game development software – for just $100.

That's the big issue with Hype... Standard or Professional. Which one to choose? But for me, there was no hesitation. I got Pro because it's cheap and because it's powerful. If you make websites for a living, $100 is trivial for software of this quality. The difference of $50 is not worth missing out on Physics, better exporting options, symbols, breakpoints, sprite sheets, waypoints or editable HTML attributes. Fortunately, starting with Standard and upgrading to Professional later is an option.

That's the controversial switch in Hype 4. In-app purchases are more prevalent. This was obviously done to get the word out about the awesomeness of Hype 4. It's a hack to get a free demo on the app store. Tumult has a small team, so marketing is a challenge for them. You can find lots of people that love Hype on the Tumult Forums. But elsewhere, it's not that popular. That's really a shame. This software could free the web from a sea of mediocrity. Can't we get more creative with our websites?! With Tumult Hype you can. Websites can look prettier and be more interactive.

I don't use Hype to build full websites. I usually leave that part to content management systems like WordPress. Instead, I find that Hype is better suited to adding a bit of spice to web pages. Modern web developers and designers have a big challenge. How do you make a website look pretty on every screen? From the iPhone SE to the new 6K Pro Display XDR, that's a pretty big range. Fortunately, Hype has great cross-platform and cross-browser support. It also has a bunch of options for managing multiple screen sizes.

And like spices in cooking, you don't want to add too much. The days of the blinking banner ads should stay with the reign of Flash. Use Hype responsibly. That's what I like about Tumult. They built a lightweight app that generates lightweight code. (Although, you might want to check out ImageOptim for optimizing your images.) I've been using Hype since 2011 and I've become a much better developer. I actually understand how the Document Object Model (DOM) works now, as that's what Hype is doing. At its core, it's just JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

And one final note. I'm the author of "A Book About Hype". This is not a biased opinion though. I burned out after writing that book. I wasn't looking forward to writing another one. If Hype 4 was bad, I could have skipped the publishing project and worked on something else. But Hype 4... wow... it's good. I feel motivated to create a new edition. And yeah, for a time in beta, I wasn't impressed with Hype 4. I let the developers know. Unlike so many other software companies, Tumult didn't rush to ship the app. Instead, they went to work. The software was delayed over a year. The resulting quality shows. This is a powerful update.


Tumult Inc.
13.1 MB

OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Age Rating
Rated 4+
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