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World-class iOS synthesis has arrived!
“Nothing sounds quite like a Synclavier”

Modern and Retro Simple yet Deep Fun plus Flexibility

Synclavier Go! is an authentic re-creation of the famous Synclavier® II Digital Synthesizer.

The iconic red button panels are featured, adapted to the highly sensitive gesture recognition system of the iPad. Under the hood is the powerful Synclavier DSP Engine, as found in the original machines, complete with Partial Timbre, Timbre Frame, FM-Synthesis and Additive-Synthesis methodologies.

It’s so easy to create playable rich string sounds, fantastic Moog esque drones, Prophet like pads, crazy FM brass noises, or Roland 808 style drum hits. It’s a sound designer’s dream and a synthesist’s wonderland.

But there’s more! We’ve added a ton of stuff, just because we can. The original hardware was 8-bit. With newer technology, we can pack more fidelity and more features in this already awesome synth.

MPE compatibility, Seven timbre “quick-change” character buttons, 16-track mixing console, crazy-good new presets, and lots more. The Synclavier was always a versatile attention-getting instrument, but now it’s a powerhouse synth to be reckoned with!

979 original factory presets are included, plus 99 new ones: all in brain-numbing 24-bit, fulfilling sonic potential only dreamed of back in the day. But if you want to jam like the eighties, Synclavier Go!’s Bit Depth setting will rock your socks: 4-bit digital grunge turns to 12-bit silky smoothness with a turn of the authentic knob.

Release 1.20.5 features include -
• Embedded “Tour” pages detailing setup and operation
• Library browser for saving and calling up Timbres
• 96-button authentic VPK interface
• 16 “Timbre Diskettes” (8 banks x 8 entries)
• Audio Setup 44.1/48 kHz and sample latency controls
• 16-track multi-timbral implementation with mix controls
• 16-track composite stereo Audiobus-compatible output
• Meticulous re-creation of the Synclavier FM sound using hardware modelling
• Easily share Timbres via Audiobus or iTunes file sharing
• Direct expression routing for pitch bend, mod wheel, velocity and pressure
• Full compatibility with MPE interfaces
• Ableton Link synchronization with Repeat/Arpeggiate
• 7 character buttons to quickly sculpt any timbre

Synclavier DSP Engine
• 12 Partial Timbres
• Delay-Attack-Decay-Release envelope generators
• 100 Timbre Frames per Partial
• Noise Floor and Bit Depth controls
• Micro-tuning controls
• Dynamic and Keyboard Envelopes
• Vibrato and Tremolo LFOs
• Authentic re-creation of original instrument and sounds

Synclavier Go! is compatible with all iPad models that can operate iOS Version 9.0 or later. This includes all iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro models except the very first iPad 1. The latest iOS version that is compatible with your device is recommended.

The Synclavier® knob is as unique today as it was revolutionary at the time of its introduction. The knob is a rate-of-change controller; close your eyes and let your right-brain kick in to the sound design process. Forget the numbers; forget the digits; let your ears guide the process. Sound design with a touch-screen and Synclavier® knob is as different from a mouse-driven GUI as, well, Synclavier® was different than the Fairlight CMI! The Synclavier Knob is an exciting and authentic option, but is not required for Synclavier Go! since a virtual knob is provided in the app.

Join us in the exciting renewal of this historic instrument as we strive towards Release 2.0!

Note to Parents: Synclavier Go! is as educational as it is historic and authentic. This app can introduce your teenager to the technical aspects of sound and sound design in a fun and informative environment.

Special thanks to Paul Schilling for your wonderful Timbres and demo music!

What’s New

Version 1.21

Go! now supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) for control surfaces such as the Roli Seaboard, LinnStrument, Continuum, and so on. And you can search timbres via hashtags.

Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

mythrenegade ,

Utterly unique and sounds fantastic

The Synclavier sounds unlike any other synth I can think of. I remember seeing Tony Banks perform live with Genesis using a Synclavier II on the Invisible Touch tour and it sounded amazing. This app provides a peek into how those sounds were produced.

I’m not wild about the interface and I find the knob difficult to use on the iPad screen, but considering the real deal cost as much as a house “back in the day” I really don’t think complaining is in order here. I was easily able to dive in and tweak sounds to my liking, and I was surprised at how much I liked the 4 bit effect as well. So much fun.

It is utterly mind blowing that the iPad can now produce the sounds of a DX7, a MiniMoog, a Fairlight and now the mighty Synclavier II. A worthy addition to any collection of synth apps. Looking forward to my deep dive into this unique and powerful tool. Thank you!

Mrnutty ,

Excellent recreation!

fantastic recreation of a legendary instrument. Implementing the additive and FM synthesis capabilities of the original Synclavier with a exemplary restructuring of the UI for a software platform without losing the workflow that made it great in the first place. Looking forward to any upgrades for Go! Hopefully the sample and resynthesis capabilities will be next. No interest in a sequencer functionality personally.

Update: please have an option to remove the keyboard from the screen. While useful to demo notes when you don't have a keyboard, it's useless when you do have a keyboard and eats up valuable screen space on iPad mini's. Love my Synclavier Knob! not interested in a sequencer, there are lots of excellent free DAW's on iOS, a sequencer is redundant in a softsynth environment.

eaglehat ,

Absolutely Fantastic! Bring on the sampling and resynthesis!

Having such a blast creating patches on this wonderful beast.
The possibilities are vast and it’s really something to explore the many strengths and depths of this instrument’s capabilities.
Can’t wait for sampling and resynthesis to be added and would very gladly pay for in-app purchases for such functionality. (Original libraries would be great too.)
I also love the idea of the hardware knob. It would be nice to see it with Bluetooth midi and manufactured at a scale that would make it more affordable, but maybe it’s too niche for that to be realistic. A guy can dream, though. ;)
In the meantime, I’ll continue exploring the many facets of the Synclavier’s FM/additive synthesis, which will keep me plenty busy.
Great work and thanks for bringing this to iOS and making it accessible to so many.


Synclavier Digital Corporation Ltd
56.7 MB

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.


English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

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