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4.9 out of 5
49K Ratings

49K Ratings

SuzJ83 ,

Great company to rent from

Sixt has an array of vehicles that no other company, in my experience, has.
I came across Sixt several ago & I have become a faithful client. They do not require a flight to rent from them, nor do they have any weird charges or holds for just needing the car(Alamo is good too but they don’t have the same caliber of vehicles). I have had the before mentioned problems with reservations from dollar & asis. There was another place whose name escapes me that was terrible. I went to pick up a van for the family & they wanted an additional $200 dollar just bc. Most people would just swipe their card to not have to deal with the headache of going elsewhere (I’ve done it more than once)That’s not the case at sixt.
I rent quite frequently from them. I typically rent a GMC that has seating for 7. I have three young boys and when we travel the added comfort is nice & the tv’s & head sets; my kids were happy & so were we. We no longer take any chances going anywhere else if we can help it.

Barbershop Style ,

Best in Costa Rica

English review below.
Llevo diez años viajando a Costa Rica y ésta es la única empresa que no ha tratado de estafarme. El precio que me dieron es el precio que me cobraron. El precio incluía los seguros de a terceros. Aceptaron los seguros contra daños al carro que ofrecía mi tarjeta de crédito. El carro exacto que pedí fue el carro que me dieron. La atención amable e informativa de Silke fue sin par. Fue un poco difícil encontrar la oficina, pero queda frente al Mall San Pedro detrás de la Embajada Italiana. Para mí, ésta es la única empresa de rentar carros en Costa Rica. Si pudiera le daría diez estrellas.

I’ve been traveling to Costa Rica for ten years and this is the only company that hasn’t tried to swindle me. The price that they gave me is the price they charged me. The price included insurance for third party damages. They accepted the collision insurance that my credit card offered. The exact car that I asked for was the car they gave me. Silke’s kind and informative customer service was outstanding. It was a little difficult to find the office, but it’s across from the San Pedro Mall behind the Italian Embassy. To me, this is the only car rental company in Costa Rica. If I could, I’d give it ten stars.

Russy C ,


I’ve used Sixt for years, never had a problem other than long wait lines occasionally at pick up (it happens sometimes). The last time I went to pick up a car, I was told my account had been blocked and that the agents at the location would not be able to help me. Ok, they immediately have me call customer services from my phone at the desk (which if you’ve ever had to call, you know you’ll be on hold for at least 30-45 mins). Once again, ok. After getting through to a customer service agent (was transferred several times) I was told I need to email them to get the situation sorted. After explaining that my wife and I are literally on our way to a wedding, I was hung up on by customer service. At this point, it’s too much I have to leave so I asked for a refund (for this reservation and future reservations that I had prepaid for). They can’t even figure out how to give me a refund and recommend I contact AMEX to just dispute the charges. This is the craziest experience I’ve ever had renting a car and am super disappointed in Sixt for letting me down without ANY answers. So as the title implies, beware! Do not count on getting a car you have reserved and prepaid for. Have a backup plan if you’re using Sixt.

Developer Response ,

Hi Russy, first of all my deepest apologies regarding the circumstances and troubles you faced. We would really like to investigate into your matter and also provide a solution for you. Could you please share just this comment together with your email and name at My colleagues will directly take care. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and giving us the possibility to follow up on that.

turtlenonnie ,

Outstanding Customer Service

I rented a car from Sixt
in JUNE for three days and extended it for two additional days. I had a family emergency and had to stay longer. In addition to the extra days, when I turned my car in I left my own house keys in the car. I am diabetic and needed my medicine but the agency at the Plaza was closed when I realized I didn’t have my keys.
The customer service young lady Who answered my call patched me through to another agent who found a tow truck to bring the car to the airport and someone there opened the car and held my keys until I could get someone to bring me to the airport location.
I will forever be grateful to the competent staff of workers who helped me that evening and who remained pleasant and obliging during the six hours of my crying.! Sixt will always be my rental company!!!
Sonja R

Jaci Gray ,

Horrible company, will scam you. Do not go through them!

If you want to have them refuse to let you use the vehicle you pre booked just so they can get you to upgrade and charge you almost double the price for the upgrade, even after they tell you they are going to comp you for the inconvenience, then go ahead use them.
I was charged almost $600 for a rental car that should have only cost me $370. Then they won’t give you the signed agreement after you give them your card…. I was told due to the style of the vehicle there was an additional $250 deposit on top of the normal $200 deposit. The $250 turned out to be an additional charge. My husband and I were in Vegas to get married, and to celebrate my birthday. They told me they would wave the additional fees for the upgrade after refusing to allow me to use the vehicle I had initially pre booked. A few days after returning the vehicle, my credit card was charged $250, and the invoice said I only prepaid $320 and not $370. I contacted customer service and they emailed me back saying there is nothing they could do as I signed the ‘attached’ agreement… no surprise there no agreement was attached.

Developer Response ,

Hello, thank you for your review. We are sorry that your rental did not go as expected. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us:

Blakanyon ,


I rented a car and prepaid for it for 4pm last Monday, I went to go get my vehicle and upon arrival they asked for 200$ deposit, would have been nice to know. The person at the counter gave me options that did not work for me and treated me like I was being rude or unreasonable. I decided to 20 minutes later come cancel my reservation as I could not book a flight in time for it to make sense for my business trip. I came back to the new people at the counter talking about how rude I apparently was, which having worked customer service in award winning companies I know I was not rude at all. They canceled my reservation and did not know when my refund would be given to me, that customer service would have to know, which having worked credit card processing as well I find to be outside of PCI compliance. It is almost Friday and no word from their customer support, which Sixt still has my nearly 300$ in money I already spent before hand. I am not going to use this company ever again and suggest you look into them further before working with them. Completely unsatisfied and I hate leaving reviews like this. Poor service, bad model, and a deplorable service agreement

Blk XD40 ,

May cost me my job

Okay okay! I hate that I have to give them one star. REALLY HATE SEEING THAT STAR! Let me begin by saying F)?K Sixt! I turned to this company looking for my dream experience but instead they gave me a horrible nightmare at 7am.
Downloaded their app. Selected my car. Got the premium insurance, the $0 financial responsibility one. Paid (oh how quick they are to withdraw the cash from my account) and got the warming emails claiming CONGRATULATIONS YOUR BOOKING WAS SUCCESSFUL!
With all expenses paid, I confidently go to get my car only to be rejected at the desk because they excepted my payment on a debit card and I did not have a credit card on me. I sat and read through all of their paperwork and nowhere does it say I must bring a credit card in order to rent their vehicle. In addition to that, The transaction was already complete, with NO FURTHER FINANCIAL LIABILITY. In addition to that, the on-site manager took it upon himself to cancel my reservation due to “improper documentation”. I found this out only after contacting customer service. It’s now 3 hours later and I have missed work, my money is tied up, and I’m living a nightmare. Keep hiring (and being) as$h%!@s!

AJ222777888 ,

Broken app and registration issues for California USA drivers

I have been trying to get setup on sixt share for over a week. I keep getting the error “something went wrong please try again if you are still having trouble contact customer support” on the selfie with your drivers license step and of course I contacted customer service and explained everything in detail. I followed all of their instructions carefully and I continue to be unable to register for sixt share. In comparison I was setup on “sharenow” their competitor in minutes… also sharenow had a phone number I was able to call at 1am and reach someone immediately who assisted perfectly. Sixt is clearly unaware of how their own app works for their car sharing service and doesn’t have sufficient support to assist quickly. I’ve been back and for to with their customer support via email for days and still no solution. Now they are asking me my device type and operating system AKA canned questions for when they don’t know how to help. Huge waste of time.

Developer Response ,

Hello, thank you for your review. We're sorry you had trouble registering. If you have any questions or need support, please contact us:

morphovariant ,

Awkward customer service

I have a Sixt+ subscription for a luxury SUV and I love it. Great vehicle at a great price. But that price comes with significant challenges and it’s not clear to me if the company is aware but ambivalent or just oblivious because I get such contradictory information when I call and incomplete information when I email. I am not allowed to call stations directly and cannot get a straight answer.

The app is great for setting up a subscription, pausing a subscription, and managing mileage. Unfortunately, while there may not be a contractual reason why i cannot pick-up from San Francisco, return and pause my subscription in Seattle, and resume it in Chicago, there is not a functional way to communicate, request, or change the location you are interested in working with and that is extremely frustrating. Email support suggested I try the website (which explicitly states the app has more functionality) or reinstall the app because they cannot help me switch locations. Neither of those things worked.

Is it a contractual or functional limitation? No one seems to know and that includes the only support available to me.

So as long as you have a very vanilla use case in mind, Sixt could be great, otherwise I’d skip the hassle.

Joie DiVi ,

Warning!! This App does not work and you could loose $!!

This app books cars for wrong dates you will think you have it right until it sends you a confirmation and if you pay on the app- even if your dates are wrong- and even if you call customer service, they will not help you. When I realized dates were wrong on confirmation, I called, customer service said they knew the app was faulty but there was nothing they could do. Later I received a letter refusing to let me cancel and said that they would only move the dates out or charge me a $100 cancel fee!!! This happened to me and although I thought I liked the company when I booked with them before -not on the app- I will never use this company again. They would not take responsibility for their own mistake and chose to abuse their customer)me) instead. I am disputing their cancel charge. This is outrageous behavior!
Don’t make my mistake and pay on the app!!!