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IKEA Place has a brand new look! It’s also now the destination for hand-picked furniture suggestions to try in your home.

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4.7 з 5
Оцінок: 5.4 тис.

Оцінок: 5.4 тис.

MontyPatrick ,

Awesome app, missing a lot of furniture

This app is fantastic, my boyfriend and I are moving into an apartment and we’ve used this app to figure out our new apartment. We were able to get everything and then some. However, many furniture items are missing. Though I’m certain as new furniture comes out, the app will be updated accordingly.

Відповідь розробника ,

Hej MontyPatrick. We're thrilled to hear that you had a good experience with IKEA place and that you found it useful. We're adding hundreds of new products every month, so stay tuned.

Buzzthelightyear ,

Would give 0 if I could.

This app is terrible and somewhat frustrating. It does not detect surfaces correctly, often ends up placing objects on top of existing objects (like I tried a coffee table which it placed on my TV). It does not zoom in and out well so often the objects I'm trying out look humongous or miniscule next to real objects. It is also a pain to manipulate the objects, sometimes they get stuck. (I also ran into one bug where the coffee table continuously moved in the space on its own in a sorta loop)
Doesn't remember objects I tried out, doesn't have a good way of retrieving previously collected info (like the only good scan of my room where it detected the floor correctly). I hate the way I have to browse for objects, the catalog is unnecessarily haphazard. The only saving grace is search works.
It doesn't offer all the products on the ikea catalog either.
Can't believe people think this is a good app. (I mean sure it is AR so thats fun. Would be actually fun if it worked though)
The 4.7 stars are an insult to all those amazing apps on the app store that actually work and are designed beautifully.

Two hours of my life that shall never come back. Ugh!

dustydoofus ,

Works good, needs more though

Works great honestly, used it to plan out some new furniture once we moved and being able to place multiple pieces is great. Really do wish they were more frequent about the furniture that they add to this app, because it’s missing quite a bit. Also do hope they get to better integrating this into the ikea website (i.e. signing in let’s you view furniture you’ve added onto your wishlist instead of searching one by one to find them)

Відповідь розробника ,

Hej dustydoofus. Thank you for your kind and constructive feedback. Those are some great ideas and we'll make sure to keep them in mind as we continue to develop IKEA Place. Regarding the availability of products, we're adding hundreds of new products every month so hopefully you'll be able to find what you're looking for soon enough.


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