The best Astrology Charting & Ephemeris tool for MacOS (and iOS)! Includes: Natal charts, Transit charts, Progressions, Relocation, Solar Return, Synastry and a tabular Ephemeris • Included Ephemeris coverage: 1700-2099, extendable to 2500 BC to 2500 AD (5000 years) • Includes "Sky Now", an Astro Clock that continuously updates for any location and with all reports • The Ephemeris tables can be customized to display for any time & location • Use iCloud to backup and share all iPhemeris Astrology charts between your Mac computers and iOS devices! Stop carrying all those books and get iPhemeris.

• Natal Charts.
• Transit Charts.
• Progressions.
• Solar Return.
• Lunar Return.
• Relocation.
• Relationship Charts (Composite / Midpoint).
• Bi-Wheel (2 Charts).
• Tri-Wheel (3 Charts).
• Aspects: 0°, 30°, 36°, 40°, 45°, 51.4°, 60°, 72°, 80°, 90°, 108°, 120°, 135°, 150°, 160°, 165°, 180°
• Aspects in Declination: Parallel (0°), Contra-parallel ( 180°).
• Aspect and Synastry grid.
• Rectification Tools. Time step charts forward and back.
• Reports: Aspect Grid; Report of Aspects; Report of Points, Declination, Cusps, Elements, Crosses & Dignities, Midpoints.
• House Systems: Placidus, Equal, Koch, Regiomantanus, Campanus, Meridian, Morinus, Porphyry, Topocentric, Whole, Vedic, Alcabitius, Aries 0, Solar House.
• "Sky Now" Astro Clock. Real-time (updates once a second) Horoscope of the sky for any place in the world with full reports.
• Store charts in iCloud and use with iPhemeris on other devices.
• Categorize astrology charts with "tags" and search and filter them by Name or Category.
• Customize: planets, points, aspects shown on wheel and reports.
• Set Independent Orbs for Applying and Separating aspects.

• Ephemeris displays Tropical or Sidereal positions.
• Tables of Longitude and Declination.
• Graphical display of Longitude and Declination.
• All Planets plus: Chiron, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Ceres, Cupido, Hygiea, Astraea, Eris, Sedna
• North Node (True or Mean).
• Planetary directions.
• Sidereal Time.
• Lilith (Black Moon).
• Moon position for Ephemeris time & 12 hrs. later.
• Moon phases and times (local & GMT).
• Lunar & Solar Eclipse dates, times & magnitude.
• Void of Course Moon tables. Includes Moon's last aspect and time of Lunar ingress.
• Set Ephemeris to display for any Time or Time Zone.
• 15 pre-defined Ayanamsa (Sidereal mode).
• Custom Ayanamsa.
• Select which planets, points, aspects & orbs display on Ephemeris and Calendars.
• Jump to a any date in Ephemeris and Calendars.
• iPhemeris uses Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) DE406 data.

• Aspectarian - Monthly calendar of aspects.
• Transit Calendar - Monthly calendar of transits to any saved chart.

• Store charts in iCloud and share between iOS and Mac versions of iPhemeris.
• Choose color schemes.

• iPhemeris uses an international Time Zone database on the internet.
• Lookup Latitude & Longitude via a global Map with address search.
• Manual entry of Latitude, Longitude and Time Zone.


What’s New

Version 3.7

- New: Solar House (useful for charts where birth time is not known).
- New: Table of Houses and House cusps added to reports.
- New: Latitude added to various reports.
- New: Declination aspects added (Parallel and Contra-parallel).
- Fixed: Sometimes overlapping points on wheel in congested stelliums.
- Fixed: Mean North Node instead of True for sidereal.

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

Alex Zoltai ,

This program has potential; but...

I’d formerly given this program a very good rating.

Then, the developer added applying/separating aspects…

I checked a chart with that function activated and found two errors…

I wrote to the developer…

He not only said I was wrong; but, used a totally inappropriate reason for saying I was wrong…

When I wrote back and pointed out his error, he compounded the error...

I’m an astrologer of 51 years experience…

The developer wouldn’t listen to reason so I’m removing the program from my computer…

Even though it had potential, I cannot use a program when the developer doesn’t understand a function in that program...

Such a shame…


Upon further research, my complaint about the applying/separating function of this program is confined strictly to the claim by the developer that the ascentant of a chart is “always” conssidered at rest…

Anyone willing to do the proper research will find ample evidence of the ascendant being used just like planets—even though, in most cases it is properly considered “stationary”…


I can now say that this program has great promise except for the false consideration of the ascendent as “always" stationary when considering applying/separating aspects……...

Developer Response ,

Oh please, there are no "errors". This person disagrees with the way Applying/Separating aspects to the ascendant are calculated... no other user has EVER complained. We explained that the Ascendant is a symbolic point representing a "fixed" moment in time (the time of the chart) and is not a "moving body". Therefore, and by design, the ascendant is regarded as having NO SPEED. Most astrologers do it this way. The calculations for applying / separating use a speed of 0 (zero) for the ascendant and regard it as a symbolic, stationary point in space time (the time of the birth, event, etc).

elmethods ,


I’ve been slowly studying astrology for 6 years now and recently decided to pick up the pace. I’m using iPhemeris along with my IO software every day to write a daily instagram blog. I look at the Aspect Calendar, then the Sky Now section; first the chart, then I look at the midpoints, aspects, grid and points, then back at the chart while I’m writing. I really like the options of iPhemeris' wheel chart! Nice work! When something comes up for me, I’m enjoying the transit calendar to check in with what’s happening. I use my IO Interpreter, Sprite, and Edition software for a quick Transit Search in weather on Stations, Sign Ingresses, Moon’s Quarters and Eclipses list, it is available on iPhemeris on the ephemeris page although, I’m familiar with the list the other software has. I only look in my hardcopy ephermis once in a while.

So, I like iPhemeris! I use both versions of iPhemeris: on my computer and on my phone. Only suggestion I have at this point of my use and knowledge of astrology, is to lighten the retrograde cycles so it’s easier scan, similar to hardcopy ephemeris layout. I love the price, I love what iPhemeris has to offer in my daily writings, it’s my primary software for my everyday use. Thanks! Thank you very much!

ABWatt ,

I really like this software

I really like iPhemeris. It covers the vast majority of my needs, and I have a stack of books on my desk to cover many of the others. I've bought all the available extras, as well, because this suits my needs as an intermediate astrologer who is gradually going professional.

Features I like a lot:
- the built-in Ephemeris, and the graphic ephemeris (costs extra).
- The ability to compare three charts simultaneously, either side-by-side (max 2 charts) or nexted (2 charts now, to look at transits).
- the ability to store charts that work on my phone.
- the ability to track transits over different time scales (minute, 10 minutes, hour, day, 7 days, month, year)
- the choice of house system
- the ability to turn various planets on and off
- the ability to adjust orb sizes.

Features I would like in future versions:
- wheels to turn on/off for Moon Mansions, Decans, 12th parts of Zodiac signs, and Bounds/Terms (Egyptian, Ptolemaic, Egyptian)
- Automatic calculation of Hygromanteia Moon-Day number
- Automatic calculation on "Sky Now" chart of Astrological Hour
- The ability to set phone alarms for specific times for electional astrology
- A way to enter horary chart question and time
- A field in the chart database for including birth time data quality rating (AAA, AA, A, B, C, D) and a source.


Clifford Ribaudo
584.5 MB

macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor


English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2014-2018 Clifford Ribaudo. iPhemeris ®


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