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맨드레이크 화원의 정원사가 되어주세요!
시간이 지남에 따라 자라나는 맨드레이크들을 수확해 나만의 도감을 채워주세요.

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발랄한 이국 소녀, 어리버리한 간호사 아가씨 등 다양한 종류의 맨드레이크가 존재합니다.
모든 맨드레이크를 모았다면 얻을 확률이 희박한 시크릿 맨드레이크 수집에도 도전해보세요.

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맨드레이크 카드를 모아 월페이퍼로 사용하세요.

[게임 방법]
1.꽃이 자라기를 기다린다.
2.다 자란 꽃을 수확하고 도감을 확인한다.
3.돈을 모아 새로운 화분을 오픈한다.
4.화분이 많아질 수록 재배할 수 있는 맨드레이크의 갯수와 종류가 늘어난다.
5.가끔씩 등장하는 거미와 느낌표를 터치하면 코인과 시간 보너스를 받을 수 있다.
6.게임센터로 전세계 랭킹 확인!

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새로운 기능

버전 1.3.4

[1.3.4 Patch]
- 설명 오류를 수정

평가 및 리뷰

915개의 평가

915개의 평가

Kalla-Lilly ,

Love it!!!

I love this game but i wish it could be optimized for the iPodtouch 5g. Things that I think would also make the game better would be if getting coins was easier (such as making the mandrake that appears the most, actually worth something, or even making the small and large spiders that appear worth more- such as the small could be worth 2 and if you do not get an eru from the big spider, then you get say, 5 coins.); making a way to connect the game data to something like Facebook (because I've had to start over from the very beginning about 4 times now, without actually reaching the end). I do normally think of hundreds of other things that have been done really well (like the cute voices and giggles, and the various animation styles on the wallpapers) or that could make the gameplay more fun, but this is all I can think of right now! I really appreciate this game (AND MANDRAKE GIRLS 2, NOW AS WELL!!!!!!😍), the time and effort put into making it awesome and reading all these reviews. Thank you for sharing your game, and I look forward to new updates on this game!!! (And other games)

Emily9824 ,


There is definitely room for improvement bug-wise, but everything else is pretty good. I enjoy how beautiful and well-done the illustrations are, however I do not like how the most common mandrake isn't worth anything. The game would be a lot more fast-pace if the most common mandrake was worth a coin, much like the other Mandrake Girls game. Other than that, the graphics are absolutely adorable and the game overall is very cute!

りんごが嫌い ,


This is a great mobile game. Simple gameplay, it's mostly about collecting. The art is awesome. There are plenty of kawaii musumes to go around. The only downside is that there is one trap character in the game. There are one or two not that great character illustrations but most of them are excellent. All in all just a gorgeous game. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they're going to come back and make a season two which is disappointing.

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