Gather your sticks and stones because words won’t hurt anyone in here Jurassic Tribes. As Chief, you must lead your tribe to victory in real-time battle against players from all corners of the Earth! Chiefs aren’t just mere war commanders though, make sure to develop your territory. Construct buildings, train units, breed feisty plants that defend against attackers and even tame the Jurassic periods most fearsome creatures...DINOSAURS! Sharpen your weapon of choice, saddle up on your mighty beast, and head to battle! For the glory of your tribesmen and to recapture the lands lost to enemies!

· A Large Open World
Explore massive lands filled with resources and treasures, encounter dangerous cannibals and dinosaurs.
· Sauroi & Saurpets
Recapture the lost lands and tame mighty dragons and dinosaurs that grant remarkable support in and out of battle.
· Build an Alliance
Fight alongside your allies from around the world with the help of real-time translation.
· Global Server
Feeling a bit lonely? Your free to relocate your territory next to your friends in any region!
· First-rate 3D Graphics
Feast your eyes on beautifully crafted battle scenes that you have never witnessed on smart devices.

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Jurassic Tribes is a free-to-play strategy game, however, you can also buy some in-game items with real money. Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download the game.
A network connection is required.

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版本 1.4.2

- Gems are now upgraded via consuming Gem Essence
- Added resource chests to dino and cannibals hunting reward
- Added more region flag options


3.5(滿分 5 分)
152 則評分

152 則評分

certified ba

Money Hungry

So I just want to tell you all before you start the game that this game is purely money hungry you will get nowhere in the game unless you spend 2 grand that’s about what I have spent. The Dino’s are crazy expensive the gear is outrageous and there not loyal to player that have spent money because they did an update making gear even more expensive and did a thing called blueprints so if you had the gear made you got the blue print even if you were not a high enough level to wear it so level 25 people got the level 55 gear blueprints that they charge 50 dollars for one and there are 6 and I only have three of them because before update I was level 56 and could wear 55 level gear the three I didn’t have made were level 60 gear now there all 55 all I was trying to do was upgrade the gear I was wearing seeings as I could of easily made them all but no money hungry. Also won an event and didn’t get what was advertised if you talk to customer service about you’re problem all they say ever time is dear player please understand they offer you nothing I’m done spending and will most likely end up quitting the game don’t download it’s a waste of you’re time and money!!


Lost village before done pooping!

I dropped a little bit of money into the game.

Understand there is a way to move your village to exactly where you want. This was probably created so you can move your village to your alliance, however, this in mind higher guilds can beam into your alliance and demolish your entire alliance in 1 hr and beam out. Your entire village that takes a week to build enough guys to get to a 1.5 mil power raising can be demolished by someone that beams in for 5 min. There is nothing saying that after you get back up to 2mil you can’t be farmed again. Keep this in mind. The travel time is stupid low the mechanics are broken. The only way to keep up is to spend money on crystals to build troops faster. If you like these kind of games you may want to look into Travian kingdoms..Cool thought executed perfectly to take your money if you want to get anywhere in the game..

Look int Travian Kingdoms App!!


Dear Player, Thank you for playing Jurassic Tribes, we will consider your comment as our guideline of future optimization. You also can touch the arrow near your CP and you may find some suggestion for being stronger. Hope this can help. If you have any other question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us again (Support Team in game/Email/FB). Best regards.


Toxic players & cash grabbing game!

I swore I’d never get involved in one of these types of games again and one of my kids talked me into it anyway! Never have I come across such a toxic, trolling, gangbuster player-base in my life! Low level or newly-created “chiefs” join your group just to locate you then immediately leave to join a completely different one so higher level players can bumrush attack you 10-15 times within seconds. They steal everything you worked hard to gather & kill all your troops so you have to gather even more to heal your troops stuck in a “hospital” area. Tell me how can you heal without anything & without troops to gather, eh? It’s like being stuck in a time loop of a bad old Twilight episode! Aaaaaaggghh! Who designed this hellish piece of crap anyway?! I’d give it negative stars if I could! No way to report toxic/unsportsmanlike behavior and the blacklist function doesn’t even work!


Dear player, if you have any suggestion or issue, please feel free to contact us in the game via a customer service ticket or on Facebook. Thank you for your support!


217.8 MB

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Rated 12+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
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  2. Pile of Crystals $4.99
  3. Bag of Crystals $9.99


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