The table generator for Markup-Formatted tables. Fast creation, easy editing and open save-formats makes MarkupTable a great companion for any writer who uses Markup-Languages to structure its texts.

SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Markdown/HMTL, MarkdownExtra, MultiMarkdown, Textile, Wikitext, BBCode, Smark

## Export
MarkupTable can generate tables for the following markup languages: Markdown (exported as an HTML table), MultiMarkdown, MarkdownExtra/Parsedown, Wikitext, Textile, BBCode, Smark and HTML.

The tables can be exported as plain text files as well as Textbundle- and Textpack-files.

## CSV as a base
MarkupTable can also act as a CSV-editor and can therefore read in and save CSV files. When reading CSV files, MarkupTable can automatically detect the field-delimiter used in the CSV file.
In addition, MarkupTable recognizes cells in quotation-marks in CSV files and processes them, so that tables are displayed correctly. In addition, there are several options available if and how quotation-marks should be used for cells in the resulting file when saving.

## Extensive editing capabilities
To make creating and editing tables easy and convenient, there are many actions that can be done either with the mouse or the the keyboard.

- Edit individual cells
- Add rows and columns anywhere
- Move rows and columns
- Deleting rows and columns
- Duplicating rows and columns
- Automatically fill rows and columns with values

## Various preview options
In addition to the regular table-view MarkupTable offers three additional views for the generated table:

- CSV-view: In the CSV-view, the table is displayed as it would be saved as a CSV-file. In this view, the table can also be edited.

- Markup-view (view only, text can be copied): The Markup-view provides a preview of the markup code for the table that MarkupTable would generate on export.

- Web-view: In the Web-view, the table can be viewed in its formatted state.

##Import of tables from different sources

## Import existing markup tables
MarkupTable can import tables formatted in any of the following markup languages: MultiMarkdown, MarkdownExtra, Wikitext, Textile, BBcode, Smark, and HTML. For this, the corresponding table only has to be marked during import and MarkupTable takes over the rest.

## Import of CSV-tables
MarkupTable can import CSV-files and append their contents to the current table. The current table structure is automatically analyzed and adjusted so that a correct overall table is created.

## Import from the clipboard
MarkupTable can also import tables from the clipboard into the current table. Tables that have been copied from web-pages, or "texts" separated by delimiter-signs, can be easily imported into MarkupTable-tables without any further effort.

## User-Interface Adjustments
MarkupTable offers a variety of options to customize the user interface. Via Menu > View, the title-bar can be shown / hidden.

MarkupTable also natively supports the dark mode of Mojave. For older macOS versions, the menu option Display > Light/Dark Interface provides the option to switch between light and dark interfaces manually.

Furthermore, options are available to customize the text fields of the CSV-view and the Markup-view to your own preferences.

### Questions?
For more information about MarkkupTable, visit There you can also send me a message in case of problems or questions via the contact form!

What’s New

Version 1.3.0

- Spreadsheet-design table view (macOS 10.12 or newer)
- enables easy navigation via arrow keys
- old table view can be activated via the preferences of MarkupTable
- in the help of MarkupTable there is a detailed overview of how to use the table view in spreadsheet-design

- improved behavior when adding rows and columns when multiple rows or columns are selected
- improved selection after duplicating rows or columns

- updated Smark parser (Swift version)

Ratings and Reviews

uuklanger ,

A powerful tool for tabular data manipulation

I am extremely glad I discovered this tool. Not only is it flexible, stable, and easy to use; but it is also a huge time saver. My most recent use case required me to take data stored in tab delmited text files and covert them to tables that could be styled for a website. I was able to paste the raw data into MarkupTable, switch to “Markup Display” within the tool to see my table in markdown format for visual verification. Then using a simple command+a (select all) of the Multimarkdown table for paste into my master document.

Parsing of my data with MarkupTable was 100% perfect and the speed at which I was able to get this important job completed was fast. For anyone that works on any site that does documentation in Markdown format, this is a must have since it makes creating tables extremely easy.

They also stand behind their application. I had a small question which I sent via email. My question was clearly answered within an hour of its request. That is pretty impressive.

This is a very handy tool that I think developers and data managers can really gain from. I know I will find more uses over time.


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