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Have you ever been asked to declare the size of the matrice before starting to type? No more of that! Matrice Calculator was designed to fix all the weaknesses of our competition.
In order to create a matrix all you need to do is start typing. You can add a new cell by swiping your finger across the keyboard or by pressing the arrow button. When you are done just tap the operation button to perform computation!
We also noticed that it is uncomfortable to copy a matrice from a book to your device because of the need of switching the look between the screen and the paper. It makes our eyes really tired. That is why we introduce a totally new approach never used before by any other app! We allow the user to make the screen transparent by using the back camera. Thanks to that you only need to focus on the screen! Instead of imagining how it works just give it a try, you will love it just like we do!

In a second you'll forget that you are dealing with matrices because of the ease of use similar to basic calculator.

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i thought it worked

then it didn’t i typed everything in right and it kept giving me and arrow up idk what that was supposed to mean and i had it typed in the same so

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Hi, if you get an red arrow it means that you can't perform the operation unless you fix the arguments. For example, you are allowed to multiply matrix when the numbers of COLS of the first are equal to number of ROWS on the second matrix. Another example, the red arrow will appear if you try to inverse a matrix which dimensions are X by Y when X is different from Y.

Bob Risser ,

Better instructions

After reading the reviews, I believe that more complete instructions would eliminate most of the negatives. For example, have to go settings for this app to get see through camera and decimals instead of fractions. Had to turn brightness on iPhone to full for better visibility. Had to learn to hold down on erase key to delete previous matrices calc. A lot better than manually. The swipe left & right is good feature, just need to explain that swiping has to be in keyboard area.

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Thank you for your feedback, I'm really glad to see that there are smart users like you who use the Matrix Calculator. Please contact us via email.

Brianna Bishop ,

Pretty great

Got this and thought it was flawless. Super easy to use and the transparent setting is great. I did my first homework problem and it worked great. Did my second and it wouldnt let me use the inverse setting or press the equals button. Definitely a great idea but needs some work.


Dominik Warszewski
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Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, German, Polish, Spanish

Rated 4+
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