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Mila’s Tools is a free, elegant, no frills, fast, easy to use, unit conversion calculator. Included converters: Area, Bits & Bytes, Capacitance, Fraction, Fuel, Length, Liquid(Volume), Numbers, Pressure, Temperature, Time, Torque, Velocity and Weight. All built exclusively for the Apple iPhone.


WINNER - Apple Staff Pick!


What customers are saying:

***** "Get it! Nothing better than this!"

***** "This is the best quick ref tool I have come across to date"

***** "Undoubtedly the best conversion app in the App Store."

***** "Best app for me so far."

***** Intuitive interface. The app design is so easy you'll actually use it.


Includes everything from Area to Weight.

No need to "submit" values. Conversions happen as you type.

Nothing to dial in, Just select the unit category and go.

Find what you're looking for quickly.

All associated units auto-convert as you enter any value.

Hide everything you don't need and show only what you need.


Full list of unit converters:

Area Converter
- square centimeters
- square meters
- hectares
- square kilometers
- square inches
- square feet
- square yards
- square miles
- acres

Bits & Bytes Converter
- bits (b)
- bytes (B)
- kilobits (kb)
- kilobytes (kB)
- megabits (Mb)
- megabyte (MB)
- gigabits (Gb)
- gigabytes (GB)
- terabits (Tb)
- terabytes (TB)
- petabytes (PB)
- exabytes (EB)
- zettabytes (ZB)

Blood Sugar
- mg/dl
- mmol/l
- HbAC1
- mmol/mol

Capacitance Converter
- picofarad (pF)
- nanofarad (nF)
- microfarad (uF)
- farad (F)

Fraction Converter
- Fraction
- Decimal
- Percent

Fuel Converter
- MPG (UK)
- MPG (US)
- Km/liter
- Liters/100Km

Length Converter
- angstroms
- millimeters
- centimeters
- decimeter
- inches
- links
- hands
- feet
- yards
- meters
- fathoms
- rods
- chains
- furlongs
- kilometers
- miles
- nautical miles
- leagues

- one
- ten
- hundred
- thousand
- 10 thousand
- 100 thousand
- million
- billion
- trillion
- quadrillion
- quintillion
- sextillion
- octillion
- nonillion
- decillion

Power Converter
- BTU/hour
- BTU/second
- calories/second
- erg/second
- foot pound/second
- gigawatt (GW)
- horsepower (hp)
- kilocalories/second
- kilowatt (kW)
- megawatt (MW)
- milliwatt (mW)
- watt (joules/sec)(W)

Pressure Converter
- lbs/ft^2
- mbar
- hPa
- kPa
- psi
- bar
- MPa

Temperature Converter
- celsius (c)
- fahrenheit (f)
- kelvin (k)
- rankine
- reaumur (r)

Time Converter
- microseconds
- milliseconds
- seconds
- minutes
- hours
- days
- weeks
- months
- years
- decades
- centuries

Torque Converter
- dyne centimeter
- gram centimeter
- kilogram centimeter
- kilogram meter
- kilonewton meter
- kilopond meter
- meganewton meter
- micronewton meter
- millinewton meter
- newton centimeter
- newton meter
- ounce foot
- ounce inch
- pound foot
- poundal foot
- pound inch

Velocity Converter
- feet per second (fps)
- feet per minute (fpm)
- meters per second (mps)
- miles per minute (mpm)
- miles per hour (mph)
- kilometers per minute (kh/m)
- kilometers per hour (km/h)
- knots per hour (knots)

Volume Converter
- US teaspoons (tsp)
- US tablespoons (T)
- US ounces (fl oz)
- cups
- US pints (pt)
- US quarts (qt)
- US gallons (gal)
- US bushels (bu)
- beer barrels (bl)
- oil barrels (bbl)
- UK teaspoons (tsp)
- UK tablespoons (T)
- UK ounces (fl oz)
- UK pints (pt)
- UK quarts (qt)
- UK gallons (gal)
- Uk bushels (bu)
- kilolitres (kL)
- litres (L)
- centilitres (cL)
- millilitres (mL)
- cubic inches
- cubic feet
- cubic yards
- cubic meters
- cubic centimeters

Weight Converter
- milligrams
- grains
- carats
- grams
- ounces
- troy ounces
- newtons
- pounds
- kilograms
- decanewtons
- stones
- metric tons
- short tons
- long tons

What’s New

Version 1.14.3

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

- Added fraction support to all inputs (e.g. "1/2")
- Added mm/s to Velocity converter
- Corrected external links

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
494 Ratings

494 Ratings

<RAB> ,

Great app

I found this app recently when my old conversion app became too cumbersome to use. This has a great interface; rather than scrolling to find the exact labels for conversion (grams and ounces, for instance), you just go to the general category, e.g weight, and fill in the value you know. All the other values convert immediately, including the one you are looking for. It is so much easier than any other method.

It has a wide range of categories, so I'm never at a loss. I've dumped my other conversion apps.

Krayon32738 ,

The best “conversion” app EVER!

I don’t even remember when I downloaded this app, not long after I got my first I Phone! This is an app I use very often. When ever I am dieting (always) it’s helps to convert grams, ounces, lbs, whatever! It’s quick, it’s easy and never, ever disappoints. And, he named the app after his wife! You know he’s super smart! 😁. Don’t hesitate, download it today. I use the free app, the ads are not overwhelming.

Numbers_guy ,


This is the greatest handheld informational tool than the handheld calculator itself!! Those of us living in the United States of America need to accept that we are lagging behind the rest of the world by not living in the metric system. One day, hopefully soon, our country will convert to the metric system, and having tools such as this are helping us prepare, on a daily basis, for that conversion.

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