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ONLYOFFICE est la suite bureautique gratuite pour les appareils mobiles permettant d’éditer les documents texte, feuilles de calcul et présentations, et de les gérer localement en mode déconnecté et en ligne. ONLYOFFICE Documents vous permet de:

• Voir et éditer le documents texte, feuilles de calcul et présentations sans installer des logiciels supplémentaires. Les fichiers PDF sont disponibles pour la lecture.
• Profiter d’une gamme complète d’outils : mise en forme de la page, du paragraphe et du texte, tableaux, formes automatiques, diagrammes, etc.
• Gérer vos données dans les feuilles de calcul : travail avec les rangées et les colonnes, , personnalisation des paramètres de la cellule, plus de 450 formules, tri et filtrage des données.
• Insérer et éditer les objets populaires sur vos diapositives : les formes automatiques, les diagrammes et les graphiques, les textes, les images, etc.
• Co-éditer les documents avec votre équipe en temps réel dans le cloud de ONLYOFFICE.
Imprimer les fichiers via AirPrint

Organisez le travail sur les document à votre convenance:

• Gérez et éditez les documents sur votre appareil en mode déconnecté.
• Connectez-vous au cloud de ONLYOFFICE pour la collaboration. Vous pouvez connectez le cloud de ONLYOFFICE à Dropbox, Google Drive, Box et d’autres services de stockage.
• Connectez-vous à Nextcloud, ownCloud ou aux autres clouds via le protocole WebDAV et éditez les documents directement depuis votre application.
• Importez les documents depuis les applications telles que iTunes, Files, etc.

L’application est totalement gratuite. Nous ne proposons ni achats, ni abonnements intégrés.


Version 6.0

• Ouverture des fichiers DOC, XLS, PPT et RTF pour l’édition (via la conversion interne à DOCX).
• Support du mode Nuit sur iOS.
• Module de conversion des documents repensé : la taille de l’application a été réduite.
• Améliorations générales relatives aux performances et à la stabilité.

Nous faisons tout le possible pour améliorer ONLYOFFICE. En cas des questions, laissez-les en commentaires sur la page de ONLYOFFICE Documents dans App Store. Vos retours sont les bienvenus !

Notes et avis

3.9 sur 5
23 notes

23 notes

pr!nz. ,

Tremendous service

Too many complaints for such a good service. This is a business service that when used properly for business it takes the whole run for it. Now for those using it on a personal level of course there will be things you don’t like BUT acknowledge that this company is doing a really good job on expanding there service to be personally supported and they frequently update for that selection of users. Comparing onlyoffice to every other company ever I love the privacy. This company doesn’t sell your info or do any funny business. They provide a service and a good one at that and there are no other issues besides lacking features. Comparing this to google docs I’d choose onlyoffice because once you go google you’re signing a contract that let’s go of all of your private anonymous identity if that. Aside from that this company provides a free version which allows you to manage your stored documents from your device. You pay if you want to sync all your devices along with being able to work with someone else at the same time. Don’t think and say “ google does this for free “ because that’s nonsense they do it for mobile identity domination. You can’t just sign off your online identity just because it’s free. Pay to support innovative companies that are secure.

Réponse du développeur ,

Hello, thank you for your feedback!

Skdkdkskskfjiehzbauwiebdkzoan ,

Spreadsheet crashed and loss all data in the file

It is very unstable. I start to use this cross-platform office alternative because I have windows PC in the office, Ubuntu PC at home and a ubuntu laptop in the cleanroom. I record all my experiments processes and results in a spreadsheet. Then, it crashed yesterday when I tried to use this app in my iphone. The worst thing is that even I am sure I saved it each time when I finished it and reopened the file when i wanted to modify it (of course, because I work in 3 different computers and an iphone). After it crashed, everything went to zero. The file is restored to its original version which is empty when I create it on 9/3. Interesting, why shouldn’t it simply be the most recent version. That should be most straightforward. The data is really really important for me, and it takes another 3 days to measure it. It can be a general bug for recent onlyoffice software or only a bug of this iOS version app. But anyway, I will not use it any more. It is really a disaster. This is the first time I want to give a zero star.

Réponse du développeur ,

Hello, please describe the issue at

mcgurme ,

I wish it was useful

I suppose if, in 2019, you’re looking for the very basic word processor you might have expected on the ipad in 2009, then this would likely be satisfying. It has features like editing text and formatting text. It can also access cloud services, which can be handy.

However, it is lacking any and all collaborative features, such as commenting and tracking changes. So, if you’re using it like I am mainly because of the cloud-based nature of OnlyOffice, you’ll likely be very disappointed like I am.

Unfortunately I have seen no progress over the last year in this regard. The developers don’t seem to think that people use iPads for “real” work - so they give us this watered down version where you could perhaps do a few little tweaks to your document.

I had high hopes for just using the online web-based version of onlyoffice with the new iPad OS, but alas, that doesn’t work either. There are still too many glitches - and showstoppers such as it not saving the changes made - that make that unusable.

For me that means I keep paying for a Microsoft subscription, and keep using that whenever I want to do any real work on my documents on the road.

I do hope the OnlyOffice developers figure out that the iPad is a REAL computing device (with more processor power than many laptops), and support it as such.

Réponse du développeur ,

Hello, a lot of work to improve all three editors was done during the year, the main efforts were aimed at supporting all the functions that are available and the desktop version. This functionality (comments, track changes, etc.) is fully available in the mobile web version of the editor, which is convenient to use on iPad. Currently the work with iPadOS is being improved. If you have a more detailed list of what you want to see in our product, send it to our forum Thank you for your feedback!


Ascensio System SIA
227.9 Mo

Nécessite iOS 11.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Français, Allemand, Anglais, Bulgare, Espagnol, Russe, Tchèque


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