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游戏的背景是远古的石器时代, 玩家带领著族人和异族勇敢的作战去争夺珍贵的土地和资源, 只有熟练的运用手里各类武器, 你才可以战无不胜的勇往直前!


版本 1.91

- 解决 iOS6 上不能连网对战。


4.3(满分 5 分)
460 个评分

460 个评分


Please make it for iPhone5

Ive been playing this game on my iPod Touch since it was released, i think it was 2009. Love it and even got the extra maps to play online! But now that years have passed, this game needs support for iPhone 5's 4 INCH display. Please just do that small update. I'm sure everyone would rate full stars if this was done! :)


Amazing game...Just update it, ok?

This game is great. Actually, better than great. Used to be my favorite game, to be honest. And then the developer decided to quit making updates. It’s been quite a few years since then, but I’m still waiting for that update to be released. Or made, actually. It doesn’t have to be much. Just to be compatible with iOS 11. I know that the developer releases new updates for other games that they own. So, why not make one, just one update for Stone Wars? Is that too much to ask? I guess so, since it hasn’t had an update for... 5 years? Somewhere around that. I don’t even know if this app can be viewed by Apple store users, but here I am, writing this update. Anyways, make a new update for the new iOS update. No new content, although that would be nice.



This was one of my favorite games to play!! It had such great challenges dealing with logic, perception and calculated decisions. Honestly not just a game..it really makes you think strategically on how to be successful with your shots. I was distraught when I realized the developer wasn’t moving to make an update. This game knocks SO many other games out of the water. Perhaps it didn’t have the same success as Angry Birds but it certainly should have! PLEASE DEVELOPERS, PLEASE make an update for this game. You have some loyal followers out here still!!!!!

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