TerraRay is an easy-to-use terrain rendering suite for your Mac. Create stunning artwork without learning a complicated and expensive application, TerraRay allows you to create realistic landscape images with just a few clicks while offering many advanced features for you to explore.


Advanced Renderer
TerraRay features a state-of-the-art renderer which can simulate very realistic lighting using a global illumination algorithm. Every surface in your scenery reflects light onto other surfaces as in reality.

Simple yet powerful editor
The built-in editor has been built with simplicity in mind. You do not need to read a manual to create stunning scenery with TerraRay. You can simply paint an elevation map using the integrated editor and define where valleys or hills should appear in your scenery.

Flexible Materials
Create any type of material in TerraRay you can imagine: Earth, Sand, Rocks, Ice, Snow, Grass, Mud…
TerraRay comes with many preset materials you can assign on any part of the terrain using different material layers.

Custom Models
TerraRay allows you to place models directly into your scenery. You can use models from the built-in library like trees, houses or cars or import custom models using the commonly used 3ds file format.

Post-Processing Effects
The flexible post-processing effects available since Version 5.1 can vastly increase the realism of your scene. After rendering your scene you can apply near and far depth of field blur including depth tinting.

Realistic Clouds & Sky
TerraRay features configurable volumetric clouds. You can specify the cloud height, density, cover and size. Furthermore, you can control the sky turbidity, sun size and intensity and the general horizontal brightness.

Volumetric Fog
Using the volumetric fog in TerraRay creates stunning visible rays of light in your scenery. The volumetric fog works with any number of light sources and you have fine grained control over the density and height of the fog.

Place grass, leafs or rocks anywhere you want in your scenery. Simply add a plants or rocks layer with a single click and use brushes to define where grass should grow in your scenery.

TerraRay can simulate the natural erosion process using complex algorithms. You can either apply the erosion prices to your whole terrain or to just some regions.

With TerraRay, you can create very realistic rivers, lakes or an ocean. Control the wave size, height, turbulence, the absorption color, the reflection color and many more aspects.

Fractal Terrain Generator
TerraRay comes with a Fractal Terrain Generator which allows you to create stunning terrains with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the Fractal Terrain Generator comes with many presets you can choose from.

Autogenerated Materials
Since Version 4, TerraRay supports automatic texture generation. You can simply apply one of the many presets to your elevation map and TerraRay automatically generates the appropriate texture maps.

TerraRay uses an advanced path tracing renderer to simulate very realistic lighting. The flexible elevation map editor allows you to easily create canyons, islands, beaches, mountains with just a few clicks. Custom materials can be assigned to any part of the terrain using the built-in material editor. Add vegetation and rocks to the scenery and hit the start render button to create stunning images easily!

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What’s New

Version 6.5.11

Several issues concerning macOS Mojave fixed

Ratings and Reviews

2.8 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Plugs 'N Pixels ,

A great introduction to 3D terrain building

Prior to discovering TerraRay I'd used a number of the other mainstream 3D terrain apps. They're all pretty complex, expensive and not immediately approachable for beginners. But TerraRay makes the basic concepts of terrain generation very accessible (creating a terrain, editing it, adding lighting and material layers, etc.) while offering some pretty unique, attractive and easy to use tools for drawing the landscape, placing the camera and sun (among other things). Each new version brings improvements and fixes, which is good.

That said, I think TerraRay's biggest weakness is its lack of photorealism in the renders (especially in the clouds and water). The results are more along the lines of storybook illustrations or 1990s-era 3D, which is fine, but obviously for $15 you won't be matching the results you can achieve from the high end competition. Nevertheless, TerraRay is the perfect place to learn the basics of the art and vocabulary of 3D terrains and importing models, after which you can graduate to the major leagues.

I seem unable to contact the developer lately, which concerns me, but he's a good person and puts out other very fine software as well.

Elite_West_Coast ,

Doesn’t work on High Sierra

This app looked ike just what I needed, but it doesn’t work at all on High Sierra on either my Macbook Pro or my iMac. The “preview” is just a white box that never changes. If I do a “Full Render” I sometimes see items I’ve tried to place, but other times not. Fairly useless app at this point.

DaftPuzzler ,

Intuitive Tools. Speedy Renders. Large Custom Output Resolutions.

In ten minutes I had completed the tutorials. In thirty minutes I was rendering out pictures like the ones above. This software is freaking awesome.

Use brushes like standard, spike, circle, noise, erode, and water erode to draw in terrain. Combine with filters like add noise, clamp, equalize, and flatten for better drawing control. Paint in materials (self created or choose from the many built-in) in layers over terrain using brushes or handy auto fill presets like steepness and height (for things like snow capped mountain tops). Also paint in built-in texture objects like plants, rocks, grass, leafs, flowers, sand, and wheat. Use the material editor to create your own textures with control over diffuse and bump strength. Customize water with control over transparency color, overall height, wave size, wave twirl, wave height, refraction, and mirror color to create just about any liquid you can think of. Change the sky to day or night with control over turbidity, horizon brightness, horizon luminance, circumsolar intensity, circumsolar width, backscattered light, and whether the sky itself emits light. Add multiple custom light sources. Blend customizable volumetric clouds, fog, and haze with light to create amazing looking light rays beaming down. Add models into the scene — choose from the many built-in like castles, towers, churches, houses, bridges, statues, cars, trucks, ships, trees, plants, animals, and basic geometric shapes or even import your own custom 3DS models. Move the camera anywhere with control over field of view and even different camera types including orthographic and multiple perspective camera presets. Use the Fractal Terrain feature to quickly generate prebuilt (with uniquely randomized features) starter scenes like mountain(s), rising hill, canyon, and valley. You can also build your scene and then later use Fractal Terrain to change the ground while retaining models within the scene (although they get moved around if you’re changing the ground underneath them). Fine tune with advanced customizable post processing effects including far depth of field, near depth of field, bloom filter, vibrance filter, and depth tint. Render to extremely large resolutions and control quality with path tracing samples, path tracing bounces, light samples, anti-aliasing passes, anti-aliasing samples, and clouds/fog step size. When finished export to PNG, JPEG, or TIFF and share via sharesheet to email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Messages, AirDrop, and more.

My favorite feature is the customizable canvas sizing. I run triple monitors and have a desktop resolution of 5760 x 1080. It’s so much fun to create beautiful, gigantic landscapes that I can then use as my desktop wallpaper.

I highly recommend anyone (beginners especially) interested in creating supremely realistic quality 3D scenes to grab this. Using the TerraRay toolset well can produce renders equal to those generated from much more expensive softwares. At this price point, everyone is invited!


Mendel Kucharzeck
61.1 MB

OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

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Rated 4+
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