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Chronic diseases can be managed better with regular monitoring and may help avoid unnecessary ER visits, hospitalizations, and unnecessary health complications. Hifinite’s hiCare Chronic Disease Management app helps providers and caretakers engage with chronic patients in real time using state of the art technologies. hiCare helps patients track their health, allows them to self-schedule appointments, alerts providers and caretakers to address issues before they become worse, and allows remote access to providers.

Whether you are maintaining blood pressure or blood sugar, tracking COPD conditions, or monitoring your weight or body temperature, hiCare Chronic Disease Management app is the ultimate health companion for you and your loved ones. Save time, money, and lives!

How does hiCare Chronic Disease Management app work?

· Patients use connected probes and sensors through hiCare Chronic Disease Management app running on their smartphone to collect their vitals and medication adherence data. All this data is securely transmitted and stored on an HIPAA compliant cloud-based hiCare Chronic Platform.
· Healthcare providers including physicians, nurses, and family members use the hiCare Chronic Disease Management app on their smartphones to monitor a patient’s vitals, compliance, and medication adherence data.
· hiCare allows clinical staff to set custom thresholds for each patient. Whenever a patient takes a reading and the vital sign crosses the set threshold, an instant alert is sent to the providers and caretakers. The system provides multiple means of communication for parties to engage and attend to an emergency.
· This remote patient monitoring chronic disease management app provides hospital staff with more meaningful, accurate, and up-to-date patient data, in real-time, allowing them to provide more efficient and timely care. Patients don’t need to visit hospitals for regular health check-ups and can monitor their health in the comfort of their homes.

How does hiCare Chronic Disease Management benefit the patients?

hiCare user dashboard displays the patient’s overall health status by showing vitals such as temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose level, capacity of vitals, blood oxygen saturation, weight, and pulse rate, amongst others.
· Patients can engage with their providers via calls, chats, SMS, and emails.
· Patients can schedule online appointments for video consultation and setup reminder notifications.
· Patients can invite their friends and family to be up-to-date on their health status by allowing them to join their care circle.
· Patients can track their overall health score based on adherence, vitals, and compliance rates.
· Patients can view their electronic health record, which includes allergies, diagnoses, lab reports, medications, vaccinations, and medical procedures.

Additionally, patients can sign consent forms electronically, pay bills, view invoices, view the provider directory, and take surveys to collect subjective health data.

How does hiCare Chronic Disease Management benefit the providers?
hiCare provider dashboard displays the list of patients who need urgent care, based on their overall health score, along with the provider’s upcoming schedules.

· Providers can view their patients’ overall health status based on adherence, vitals, and compliance rates.
· Providers can actively engage with their patients via calls, chats, SMS, and email.
· Providers can schedule and conduct video consultations with their patients.

Ultimately, this secure, cost effective, and time effective hiCare Chronic Disease Management is the ultimate solution that connects both patients and providers to manage chronic diseases proactively and conveniently.

To use the hiCare Chronic Disease Management app, you must have a hiCare account with Hifinite.

About hiCare
Hifinite aims to bring Highly Optimized Patient/Provider/Partner Engagement (H.O.P.E.)

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