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Time is money!

What is a second of your time worth? What about a minute? Get the feel of how much you make or spend every second with this precision MoneyMeter. Manage your time and watch your money tick!

* Up to five independent meters
* Sub-second precision
* Can keep track of time even if you turn off your phone

Stop unwanted solicitors or motivate yourself. Have a real-time clock showing how much money you earn or show an unwanted solicitor how much money she or he will have to pay for your valuable time. MoneyMeter can run up to five independent meters and automatically convert your annual, weekly, hourly rate to a meter with sub-second accuracy. Can account for different hours per week.

You can leave the MoneyMeter in non-stop mode and it will keep track of time even if you turn your phone off.

Please note that the meter assumes you earn money at your usual rate the whole time the meter is on. E.g., if you give you monthly rate and specify the 40-hour week, but run the meter non-stop for 24 hours, it will show three times your daily earnings. You can use the "non-stop" mode if you want to run the meter w/o stopping it at the end of your day.


Versión 1.7

Added income details to the main screen

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador (Yaroslav Mironov) no ofreció detalles sobre sus prácticas de privacidad y el envío de datos a Apple.

No se proporcionaron detalles

El desarrollador tendrá que proporcionar detalles sobre la privacidad cuando envíe su próxima actualización de app.


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