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Enjoy underwater life with Narwhal Underwater Survival Simulator 3D! Hunt fishes and squids, meet another narwhale to mate and raise up cubs!
Feel like a real narwhal whale! Swim above the oceanic bottom, chase little fish, squids or even little tortoises to save yourself from hunger! But beware – underwater predators like sharks, killer whales, and Moray eels would feed on your delicate white meat! Fight for your life, and earn points for each kill to unlock new attacks and improve your attributes! Befriend sea turtles like loggerhead or hawksbill, and dolphins like beluga or bottlenose dolphin to find help against underwater predators!
Complete various missions to earn even more points! Unlock different ages and new attack for your narwhale! Live the full circle of narwhal’s life – from small cap to the windy ghost of the elder!
Find a female and build a nest to give birth to the little cubs and start your own narwhale school Fight against sharks, orca whales or even human underwater hunters to protect your life and school from danger!
Hunt for fish and enjoy underwater sub nautical views as a real tusked narwal with Narwhal Underwater Survival Simulator 3D game!
Narwhal Underwater Survival Simulator 3D features:
Ultimate narwhale simulator
Picturesque views of sea and river bottom
Different interesting missions including survival mode
Some ways to customize your whale every time you get points
Ability to mate and raise up little cubs!
Enjoy the life of a famous tusked whale, fight against sea predators and have fun with Narwhal Underwater Survival Simulator 3D!


Tayga Games OOO
104.8 MB

Requiere iOS 6.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Violencia realista infrecuente/moderada


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