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When friends are together, crazy stuff happens. One of which being ridiculous quotes and quips which are hilarious especially out of context. With QuoteJar, this priceless repartee can be saved for your friend group to look back on anytime!

QuoteJar allows you to make a jar for your friend group. Whether it be your roommates, travel buddies, club, team, dance crew, pretty much anything works. You can create as many jars as you want! Just choose a name, color, and icon for your jar and you're on your way to being a QuoteJar master!

In these jars, you store your friends' crazy, ridiculous, and stupid quotes! If one of your friends says something random that would be hilarious out of context, it's probably something you're going to want to add to the quote jar.

QuoteJars aren't just for you on your phone, they're stored in the cloud! Your friends can easily be added by email so everyone can contribute and read quotes whenever they want!

Quotes can be upvoted and downvoted to help you show even more love (or anti-love) for what your friends say. If worst comes to worst, quotes can also be deleted by the user who added them, the user who was quoted, or the owner of the jar.

So stop using your notes app or physical jars to save what your friends say. Give QuoteJar a shot to ensure that no quote is ever forgotten!


Versión 2.0

“I always read the release notes when an app on my phone updates” - Some Nerd

Well, if you are reading this, hello there! We know it’s been a while, but the QuoteJar team has been hard at work with QuoteJar version 2 to help heal the self isolation blues! So what’s new?

- Push Notifications! (Finally): We know how annoying it was to constantly keep refreshing your jars waiting for someone to add a new quote, but those days are over! You now get notifications when someone adds a quote to a jar or quotes you specifically. Don’t want to be notified? We get it, notifications can customized for each jar you’re in.
- Auto fill: Who wants to type out someone’s full name every time? Jar members are now suggested when you start typing in the “said by” field.
- Multiple device logins: Didn’t you hate when you logged in on your iPad and it logged you out on your iPhone? That doesn’t happen anymore.
- Swipe to vote: Swipe right to upvote, left to downvote, it’s that simple!
- Updated icons: They’re all round and stuff now!
- iOS 13 support: Yeah it works with the new iOS even though the next one is probably gonna come out soon anyways.

So that’s what we’ve been up to, hope y’all enjoy!

Stay healthy everyone and happy quoting!

- The QuoteJar Team


Mitchell Sweet
12.7 MB

Requiere iOS 12.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Temas para adultos/provocativos infrecuentes/moderados


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