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Need more work?
Join the Tintwork!

As a window tint installer, you know this industry is very unpredictable.
10 jobs 1 day and 0 the next.
There is plenty of work to go around – the timing is the issue. If you can't do the car right now, the customer will go elsewhere.
Here at Tintwork, we aim to establish a nationwide network of window tint installers to help each other out during those ups and downs. If you have too many jobs that you can’t get to, you can use our app to reach out to someone who just happens to be slow that day and needs an extra job.

Want to go on vacation but you’re afraid to miss too much work?
No problem! Reach out to your fellow Tintwork members and have them cover your jobs for you while you get your well-deserved rest.

The only way this can work is if we all agree on a standard wholesale price. We have to be fair to everyone. If you become a member of Tintwork, you have to agree to our pricing structure. We spent a lot of time researching average prices in Los Angeles and Las Vegas to come up with something fair for everyone.
Right now Tintwork is only operating in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We will expand in the future to more markets.

All we ask is that you stick to these professional standards:
- Be on time
- Be honest
- Stand behind your work

Would you like to offer window tinting services at your company? Anyone can join the Tintwork as a "Referrer" and post window tinting jobs so you don't have the burden of paying a guaranteed salary to an employee. Just have Tintwork provide a qualified tinter to fulfill your jobs on an as-needed basis.

For more information, go to: or call 818-200-6657

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