868-HACK 9+

Michael Brough

Entwickelt für iPad

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You are a computer hacker. You steal precious data while the world sleeps. Siphons are your lockpicks. Progs are your guns.
Connect to the sectors.
Download the data.
Escape, or be deleted alive.

A cyberspace adventure from the creator of Zaga-33.


Version 1.15

ok there was a bunch of random stuff
all pretty minor but like, making it difficult or unplayable
like the touch controls not lining up with buttons on-screen on some phones, or it being upside down
also some genuinely minor stuff like sound not coming out of headphones? weird
i think it's all sorted now but let me know if there's still any problems
i'll sort out all the problems
i have two small kids and long-term illness and i'm running out of money
and i'm trying to focus on a new project
keeping my old stuff running because of unnecessary os updates that break things isn't my top priority
but i get around to it eventually
honestly i really prefer the model of you paying once and then you've bought the game
rather than the continuous IAP thing
but there does end up being a bunch of ongoing work that i'm kind of not paid for
and the cost of living has gone way up
anyway i started a patreon, so if you do want to support me in a continous way you can
but if not that's chill, i'll come along with some new games in a bit it's just been tough
ok thanks for playing

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5,0 von 5
1 Bewertung

1 Bewertung


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