bOS Client is a part of ComfortClick bOS, the first building operating system for your home, office or hotel. bOS enables you to control all devices in your smart home from a single app on your favorite mobile device. ComfortClick bOS is designed to integrate and automate all major technical systems and devices in any building. It enables smart building visualization, control and automation.

ComfortClick bOS, the first building operating system supports the following devices:

• KNX world standard for building automation
• Z-Wave wireless home automation system
• DSC alarm system
• Global Caché IR and other devices
• IR Trans IR transciever devices
• KODI (XBMC) media center
• IP video cameras
• Philips Hue
• SMA Solar Technologies
• Modbus
• S-Bus
• GSM modem for SMS messaging

One universal platform where all devices are working together offers a limitless number of different features. Below is the list of just a fraction of ComfortClick bOS features:

• Integration of different devices, protocols and systems and data exchange between them.
• Remote control of your lights, heating/cooling/air-conditioning, shades, alarm, home theater, multimedia, energy consumption, etc.
• Configuration with a powerful configuration environment.
• Logical operations - if this happens, do that (e.g. when you leave home ComfortClick bOS will turn off the lights, lower the shades, reduce heating, turn off electrical sockets and activate presence simulation).
• Schedules – do something (e.g. raise shades) at 7’o clock every day from Monday to Friday.
• Scenes – design different scenes (lighting, shades) for different occasions (romantic dinner, Friday party, etc.).
• Data logging – monitor your energy consumption (electricity, water and gas)
• Presence simulation – make it look like you are at home even when the house is empty.
• Operating time – measure how long a device was turned on
• Text-to-speech – the system can read you your emails
• Support for multiple users with different access privileges and unlimited number of client devices.

For more information please visit or email us at

IMPORTANT: bOS Client requires ComfortClick bOS software platform. You can get ComfortClick bOS for FREE from On our web site you can also find all the necessary documentation including demo projects which will help you to get started with your own projects in the shortest possible time.


Version 4.8.1

Fixed connection bug


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