Instantly forgetting new words? You're not alone.

The fastest way to practice cards DURING conversations or from videos. Ask you teacher, or record while you play a video.
And they're ready to practice.

Lingophant works with audio clips, authentic and with the correct pronunciation. Want to remember a new word? Hold a button and record it Lingophant. Lingophant automatically creates a practice card and optimises the intervals between your practicing. Trust us and practice every day, you'll feel the results!

This is not a full course. You fill up content from your own conversation, or by downloading phrasesets your teacher created or that you found online. We are perfect for foreign language conversations, such as language tandems, chats with roommates, or colleagues at work.

Context + Relevance = Learning

Focus on your own content, and have your cards always ready. Each card has a practice interval, specifically calculated for each card. It works like ANKI.

I needed this tool very much. It didn't exist yet. So I had to create something that allows me to record words directly in the original context.

Designed for and by language learners.

Current languages for which the translator works:
Hindi, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Thai, Slovak, Polish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Hungarian, Finish, Czech, Chinese (Simplified), Catalan, Georgian, Arabic Hebrew, English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Persian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Chinese (Traditional), Greek, Bahasa Indonesia.
Voice Recognition works for the top 15 language only though. And an Apple Watch App also exists if that interests anyone.

-- Lingophant, because elephants have a good memory, and there's this Indian Ganesha god of wisdom. (woot!? download and share).


Version 1.33

Alright, those links are working a bit better on iOS now, and we have fixed some other smaller problems.
Up next is a redesign of the practice screen.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

5,0 von 5
5 Bewertungen

5 Bewertungen

Di_69 ,


I love it! Easy way to learn languages

viewfromthetop85 ,

Language learning game changer

I love the flash card mechanism. I also love the fact that I can effortlessly record words and phrases. Best app for learning languages.

sabsiful ,

Great to use for tandems

This app really improves my tandem learning! I can simply record phrases from my tandem partner, practice them and watch my progress literally grow. :)


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