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Learn to speak Italian like never before. This is not a generic language system but a tailored app to quickly help you learn real conversational Italian and have fun while doing it! It’s the only app with a purpose written sitcom. Full of speaking, listening, writing, pronunciation and vocabulary activities. Integrating simple and clear grammar explanations.

The app offers an engaging and culturally-immersive learning experience with instant feedback for students to monitor their progress. With a transparent structure and supported step-by-step learning in all the skills, students have the choice of working progressively through the course or working selectively on a particular area.

* Watch the sitcom at the start and at the end. Discover how much you learn in a short time.

* Learn the vocabulary in the sitcom by practising with the voice recognition

* Listen to native speakers and develop your understanding of spoken Italian.

* Practise your pronunciation and receive instant feedback.

* Practise speaking by asking and answering questions.

* Easily refer to simple explanations of grammar.

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Tutto bene! is an entertaining and comprehensive multi-level Italian language course for beginners, uniquely designed for both the classroom and a high degree of independent learning. Based on the communicative approach, the course comprises a combination of components in a range of media. The key components for each level of Tutto bene! are as follows:

Each lesson comprises an episode of the Tutto bene! sitcom series followed by vocabulary building, speaking, listening, pronunciation and writing activities and culminates in a quiz. There is also a grammar reference for each lesson.

The book presents the Tutto bene! course in a format designed
primarily for the classroom but accessible to the independent
learner and complementary to the app.

The app delivers the Tutto bene! course in an interactive mobile format allowing maximum learning flexibility. It is both a vibrant alternative to the classroom for wholly independent learners as well as a rich resource for classroom students to further revise, consolidate and practise.

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Lingopont is a new publishing company and language school formed to create the world’s first truly integrated course.

What makes Lingopont unique is the way the app with its sitcom can be used alone or with textbooks, in a classroom or online.

Wherever you are in the world you can learn in your own way at your own pace and be part of a global community of students and teachers.

Our new Italian course, Tutto bene! was developed from scratch over two years and will be followed by other languages.

It’s not just a new course but a new way to learn - fun, addictive and highly entertaining.

Lingopont was created by Elio Guarnuccio who founded CIS Educational and Centre for Italian Studies 40 years ago, as a publishing company and language school. Today the school is one of the largest Italian schools outside of Italy.

Elio’s love of teaching, innovation and IT all came together with the evolving worlds of digital technology, film-making and publishing to create Lingopont - a truly unique language learning experience.

The team at Lingopont combine experience with young, enthusiastic and highly qualified people from around the world - whether they be teachers, writers, designers, film-makers or IT wizards.

Lingopont is also an international community of students and teachers. It goes beyond language teaching to open doors to new worlds of authentic travel experiences and cultural exploration - from cooking lessons online to a directory of language classes and festivals in Italy.

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