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Imagine if you had a friend and guide for your journey every time you drive your Tesla. Someone to greet you, someone to answer your questions, someone to even engage in casual small talk with. Meet mia for Tesla! mia is a conversational intelligent assistant that knows a lot about your Tesla and can give you the information you're looking for within a fraction of the time it would take you to read your car manual. If you are confused or curious about a feature, she can give you the answers you seek in a matter of seconds.

Give us a chance to provide you an unparalleled driving experience: one that is safer, easier, and more fun!

[Main Features]

mia for Tesla can:

Answer any question about your Tesla Model 3
Supports using voice or text chat
Drive Mode - All voice mode for safety in the car
Mobile Mode - text chat or voice input to have detailed visual answers

Here are some examples of questions you ask mia about your Model 3:

"What are the buttons on the key fob?"
"How do I connect to Bluetooth?"
"When I activate Traffic Aware Cruise Control?"
"How can I defog the windows?"

mia for Tesla is powered by iNAGO's netpeople, a platform that can convert car manuals into conversational assistants. Our world leading technologists have developed netpeople into one of the best intuitive natural language conversational assistant platforms out there.

mia will continue to learn and will keep getting better so that she can help you with whatever you need while you're driving your Tesla. And, mia will soon be able to allow you to control your Tesla, find places to go, and personalize your driving experience. There is so much more yet to come! Take this exciting journey with us.

mia for Tesla is the sole and exclusive property of iNAGO and not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Tesla Inc., or any other party.


Version 1.6.0

~ ChatGPT support
~ Bug fixes

Note: iOS 15+ is recommended for the best experience.


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