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An innovative way to manage and control your cross-border money transfers.

For individuals

Send and receive funds to and from your family, friends, and relatives in any supported currency, at any moment. Get a single IBAN number for all your salary, pension and other incoming payments. Access your funds with an easy-to-use prepaid banking card. Perform any operations with your funds, just like with a bank, but better.

For businesses

Have all your international money operations covered with the use of multiple European IBAN numbers in both SWIFT and SEPA networks, in any of the major currencies we support. Transfer your salary project and everyday business expenses to pre-paid Mastercard cards, issued by Privatcard OTON. Get access to the latest financial technology for businesses in terms of electronic invoicing, merchant tools, currency exchange with low fees, etc.

The application offers a single point of interaction, starting from the registration to troubleshooting your problems with our skilled technical support team. None of the actions require visiting a bank or doing useless paperwork.

The app offers:

-Creation of an account with an IBAN account number from Europe;
-Transactions and accounts in multiple currencies;
-Currency exchange with competitive rates;
-Fast and easy access to international funds transfer;
-Issuance of a prepaid banking card;
-Set up of mass payouts.

Privatcard OTON is a great way to be in control of all your funds and transactions.

Your possibilities are limitless:

-Convenient signup and setup processes;
-Security enhanced by biometric authentication;
-Full transaction overview with fast updates;
-Guaranteed 24/7 operation;
-Instant prepaid card top-up;
-Borderless operation.

Privatcard OTON provides the most modern financial instruments for settling international money transfers of any kind.

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Version 14.0.1

We constantly improve the Privatcard OTON iOS app to make it truly convenient and reliable for you. Check out the updates:
– Two-factor Authentication (2FA) can now be disabled through the Privatcard OTON app on a trusted device;
– Payment initiation and funding instructions functionality became limited for users with disabled 2FA;
– Bugs fixed and minor improvements added.

We care about your feedback, so contact us at if there are any issues or comments!


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