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SCANNECT App decodes black on black QR Codes on tires (SCANNECT Codes).

Just place the code in the green rectangle and wait for de-coding. For a more thorough analysis or for unusual Codes press the "Deep Scan" button.

SCANNECT is a self-optimizing tool and the performance will improve upon usage. Unlike standard QR Code reading apps, the advanced reading algorithm is able to decode SCANNECT Codes even under difficult lighting conditions or on tires with high mileage. SCANNECT App is a developer application to demonstrate the capabilities of the SCANNECT technology. Incorporation of SCANNECT App into your application or processes is simple; the user can choose between Inter-App Communication and the usage of the device clipboard. Get in touch with us, if you are interested to use the technology in your tire related Apps.

A solution to individually mark every tire with a unique and permanent 2D Matrix Code (Datamatrix or QR Code) that can be read with most smart phones has been introduced by 4JET Technologies GmbH and has evolved to be a technology widely requested by the tire and automotive industry. The 4JET SCANNECT solution - short for "scan and connect" - enables a long standing wish of the tire and automotive industry: being able to trace tires through their life cycle and to get in closer touch with its end customers. QR Codes currently being introduced on serial PCR and TBR tires contain the entire set of relevant tire data as well as a serial number to 100% identify a single tire and match it to a vehicle.
Comprehensive field tests proof very high reading rates with SCANNECT App over the entire tire lifetime and in challenging environments. The advanced algorithm is able to cope with difficult lighting conditions (twilight, artificial lighting, partial shadowing, Smartphone light in darkness), high degree of contamination of the codes as well as partial damages of the codes.

For further information on the technology or on how to introduce SCANNECT reading capability into your tire application, get in touch with us through sales@4jet.de .

SCANNECT App writes the de-coding result on to the device clipboard which allows a simple transfer into other applications on the same device. For a much smoother interaction SCANNECT can be started from a different App on the same device using Inter-App Communication and will deliver the de-coding result back into the starting App. To register for this service please get in touch with us through sales@4jet.de.


Version 1.26

New in 1.26
Minor fix in displaying results of certain tires.

New in 1.2x
SCANNECT Tire Code content is now interpreted according to the manufacturer specification. E.g. the BMW tire code is resolved into tire dimension, DOT Code, speed index, tire seasonality, serial number and other relevant tire specific information.
Our Deep learning algorithms are transfered from the cloud onto the device allowing for faster de-coding of difficult codes, less battery strain and less data transfer.


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