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Tonio is the fastest tool to transmit weblinks to a device in the world of audio and video. And the best thing: Tonio is invisible and inaudible! It connects any TV or radio to your iPhone (Ipad, Smartphone) and turns watching TV or listening to the radio into a unique interactive experience - for free. By delivering data to your iPhone (Ipad, Smartphone) via audio in real-time Tonio revolutionizes your world of media.

When a TV or radio program is enhanced with the Tonio technology, you can receive information about your favorite TV series, participate in quizzes and interactive games live during the TV show you are watching, or share your personal highlight of a sports game with your friends - easy and in real-time. You see something you like on TV you want to purchase? With Tonio, you get all the information you need at the exact moment you want it, without having to search for it. Check out our demos on and experience the magic of Tonio!

The range of possibilities is almost limitless: Tonio not only improves your television or radio experience but also can turn a movie in the cinema or a live event into a special experience. You missed an important announcement at the airport or on the subway? With Tonio enhanced public announcements, the app provides all the information you need. You did not understand the announcement in the supermarket about the deal of the day? The app has a coupon directly on the iPhone.

Here are even more ways how Tonio can be used:

Get involved with your favorite TV shows.
Tonio allows viewers to interact in new ways with their favorite TV shows. For example participating in quiz shows or in live debates (polling).

Second Screen Experience.
Tonio is designed to enrich viewers' experience with TV content. For example, play along at home with your favorite TV show. Whether it's to find out more about characters who are on screen or delve deeper into the plotline.

Partnering with radio broadcasters to offer a deeper experience. From detailed weather reports, deeper dives into podcasts, find out more about a news article to where can I find this track being played.

Subtitles for theatre and operas.
At the moment Tonio is working with the Vienna Opera house to offer subtitles within the theatre and for live stream events. This will extend to opera and theatres worldwide:

Working with leading broadcasters and education institutions to provide an immersive education service.

Emergency instructions.
Tonio is extraordinarily robust—even in the event of an electric grid outage, Tonio messages still get through via radio broadcasts. By partnering with building management organizations around the world to give more information when emergency signals and announcements are made to provide more information to occupants.

Assistance for those with Hearing Impairments.
Working with train operators and airlines, to detect announcements and provide these in text form to members of our society with Hearing Impairments

The QR code for audio.
Tonio takes the functionality of QR codes to the next level. Just let the app listen and get all the information you need - hands-free and super easy!

How does it work?
Tonio transmits data via inaudible audio, in real-time from the TV or radio. Our unique technology is inaudible, robust, has no quality impact on the audio track and is impervious to ambient noise. Tonio respects and protects privacy and does not record any audio.

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4,3 von 5
8 Bewertungen

8 Bewertungen

fiobi1999 ,

super idee und tolle app


onlineflorian ,


Amazing experience.

Vertschii ^^ ,

Super App



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