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When should you get started? Just ask Whendy. No more time math: Start with a target time and then work your way back. It’s that simple!

Time math is hard

Do you sometimes get started too late? Ever arrived late to an appointment? Almost missed a flight? Or unnecessarily waited at the gate for hours? Sometimes you know when you need to be done, and you know how long each step takes. But it’s hard to do the math in your head and know when to start. Whendy makes it easy!

Why Whendy?

For many daily tasks, a proper project planner is overkill, a calendar seems clumsy, and a to-do list won’t tell you when. Whendy is a simple, clean, text-based way to plan out when to start each needed activity to arrive on time for your crucial event.

It’s easy to make a plan

Check out the screenshots and you’ll get it right away. Just type in your target time (when will your flight board?), and list the durations of steps before (from airport to gate 90 min, get parking 45 min, …, pack 60 min). Done! Whendy tells you when each step will begin and end, and when to start with step 1.

Is Whendy for you?

• Are you frustrated by time math where you are adding or subtracting times?
• Do you like the effectiveness of a to-do list?
• Do you like to keep it simple yet well thought-through?
Then yes, Whendy is for you!

*Whendy Premium* 
• import events from your calendar. Quickly start a new plan without typing in the starting or ending time
• export activities back to your calendar. 
Premium is free for the first couple of uses so you can try it out without committing to anything.

Additional ways to use Whendy

Find out when you’ll be done
• Type in "now" to insert the current time
• Add tasks + durations
• See when each step will begin and end, and when you’ll be done with everything

Create a meeting agenda
• Type in start time + duration of each segment
• Done!

Can we squeeze it in
• You already have a plan for the day but new tasks pop up
• Draft out your day to help you prioritize

Share your plans
• Send your plan as a nicely formatted text
• Your friend or partner can stick to your mutual plan

Created with love

Whendy has been crafted with care. Hannes, its sole developer, has spent years refining it in daily use, before deciding to share it with you. It has helped with getting to countless appointments on time, juggling family life and chores as well as making the best use of weekends considering all family members’ needs.


Version 1.1.0

- calendar export: add activities from your plan back to your calendar
- the buttons above the keyboard give you pleasant haptic feedback

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5,0 von 5
4 Bewertungen

4 Bewertungen


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