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37 Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Programs for Focus, Relaxation, Meditation & Sleep. Includes 'Pure Tones' to select from 20 specific frequencies including 40 Hz Gamma.

Advanced Binaural Brainwave Entrainment combined with Ambient Music, Nature Sounds, Other Audio Apps or your own iTunes Music. * Includes Multi-Stage Binaural Programs for Sleep, Focus, Memory, Energy, Positive Mood, Power Nap, Deep Sleep, Motivation, Confidence, Anxiety & Stress Relief, Relaxation, Meditation & much more! * Recommended by Stanford Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman on the Huberman Lab podcast. * Includes 'Pure Tones' to select from 20 specific binaural frequencies. * Can run alongside other apps like Spotify or Audio Book Readers * Use Included Playlist Creator to create an iTunes Playlist for each program * Headphones/Earbuds must be worn for Binaural Tones to be effective * Universal iOS app with UIs included for iPhone and iPad, so you can use it on all your devices! * Supports Family Share * No in-app purchases or subscriptions!

Different states of mind are associated with specific brainwave frequencies that would be inaudible if played directly. These frequencies can be induced in the brain by playing two different tones into each ear (binaural tones), which after being processed by the brain, are perceived as an inaudible beat matching the target brainwave frequency. As you listen, your own brainwaves fall into step and synchronize with this frequency.

- Please read the “How to Use this App” section of the app’s Help to learn how to get started with the app.

- Program duration is fully adjustable. If the program has multiple Binaural Stages the individual stages will be lengthened or shortened accordingly.

- Programs use composite Binaural Tones that stimulate multiple brainwave frequencies to create combination experiences, such as Problem Solving, Power Nap, Pre-Exercise Energy, Dreamy Sleep, and Positive Mood Boost.

- Each program goes through a progression of binaural beats, each for a specific period of time sufficient to synchronize your brainwaves with the frequency of the binaural tones.

BrainWave uses low, mid, and high frequency ranges of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma binaural tones combined in layers and stages to create powerful multi-stage experiences.

- Morning Coffee
- Espresso Shot
- Morning Meditation
- Focused and Alert
- Gamma-40 Focus
- Critical Thinking
- Concentration
- Memory Boost
- Problem Solving
- Brainstorm
- Confidence Boost
- Pre-Exercise Energy
- Creativity Boost
- Positive Mood Boost
- Motivation Boost
- Euphoria
- Stress Reduction
- Anger Relief
- Calm Reflection
- Reduce Anxiety
- Deep Relaxation
- Meditation
- Lucid Dreaming
- Power Nap
- Gamma Power Nap
- Dreamy Sleep
- Deep Sleep
- Deep Slow-Wave Sleep
- Deep Sleep with Wake-up Stage
- Dreamy Sleep with Wake-up Stage
- Headache Relief
- Hangover Relief
- Yoga Meditation
- Alpha Relaxation
- Theta Meditation
- Night Meditation
- Night Reading

Pure Tones - Accessed by tapping the “Program List Selector” button on the side of the “Program Dial”. With Pure Tones you can select from the following binaural frequencies:

1 Hz - Deep Delta
2 Hz - Low Delta
3 Hz - High Delta
4 Hz - Low Theta
5 Hz - Mid Theta
6 Hz - High Theta
7 Hz - Low Alpha
8 Hz - Low-Mid Alpha
10 Hz - Mid Alpha
12 Hz - High Alpha
14 Hz - Low Beta
18 Hz - Low-Mid Beta
20 Hz - Mid Beta
25 Hz - High-Mid Beta
30 Hz - High Beta
35 Hz - Low Gamma
40 Hz - Gamma
60 Hz - Mid Gamma
80 Hz - High-Mid Gamma
100 Hz - High Gamma

* Backgrounds *

- Beach Surf
- Ocean Waves
- Ocean Waves 2
- Rain & Thunder
- Atmospheres: Serenity
- Atmospheres: Awakening
- Atmospheres: Space
- Atmospheres: Drifting
- Atmospheres: Peace
- Atmospheres: Floating
- Atmospheres: Soaring
- Medium Rain
- Light Rain
- Waterfall
- Flowing Creek
- Pink Noise
- Forest
- Energy Flow
- Solar Waves

* BrainWave's binaural tones are also helpful for Tinnitus as it provides an audio mask for tonal Tinnitus while also reducing the neural hyperactivity that underlies Tinnitus.

* Do not use Binaural tones while driving or operating machinery

What’s New

Version 10.0.3

Thanks for making BrainWave the #1 Ranked Binaural App for 14 years! * One-time purchase with No Subscriptions or In-App Purchases * Targets 40 Hz with the "Gamma-40 Focus" program. * Headphones/Earbuds are required for Binaural Tones to be Effective. * This update includes UI improvements for iPad. The 10.0 update also includes several new settings as well as new binaural programs and background audio. * New version 10 options in General Settings, accessed by tapping the wrench-button on the main screen:
* Reduce Other App Volume - Option to enable audio ducking which instructs iOS to reduce the volume of other apps by 50% while this app is playing. iOS does not allow the volume reduction to be customized.
* Wave Amplitude Boost - Option to boost the amplitude of the binaural carrier waves by a fixed amount to provide an additional increase in volume. This option is provided as an on/off toggle setting.
* Carrier Signal (2 Options)- Option to switch between the default low-frequency binaural carrier wave and a medium carrier wave of ~250 Hz. This will not alter the frequency of the binaural tones. Example: A 1 Hz tone on a low-frequency carrier uses 121 Hz Left and 120 Hz Right, but with a Mid-carrier uses 221 Hz Left and 220 Hz Right.
* Option to export time spent listening to Relaxation and Meditation programs to the Apple Health App as Mindful Minutes.

* New Programs *
- Gamma-40 Focus
- Delta Slow-Wave Sleep

* New Backgrounds *
- Brown Noise
- White Noise
- Energy Flow
- Solar Waves

* Many people have asked which binaural program stimulates 40 Hz Gamma brainwaves after Stanford Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman recommended this app on his Huberman Lab podcast. The Gamma-40 Focus program in 'BrainWave™ - Advanced Binaural Programs' specifically targets 40 Hz gamma waves.

* Combine Brainwaves with Ambience and Another App by selecting background mode 'Ambience + Other App' * To use Another App for the Background Audio choose 'Other App'.
* When using background modes that allow other audio apps or iTunes Music to be playing Lockscreen controls will only affect iTunes or the other app.
* If the audio stops when the app is backgrounded or the screen locks please restart the device with a full shutdown as this is the result of low RAM memory which causes iOS to suspend background audio.

* How it Works *

During the entrainment process, two different carrier tones are played into the left and right ears. The frequency difference between these tones matches the brainwave frequency of the target state of mind. The listener will hear these carrier tones as an audible tone, however, when processing these two different tones the human brain will perceive the small frequency difference between the tones as an inaudible periodic beat. When exposed to this beat the listener's brainwaves will begin to synchronize with the beat frequency. What allows the human brain to perceive this beat is our directional hearing system, located in the brain stem. The brain's directional hearing system calculates frequency shifts between sound entering the left and right ear to quickly locate the direction of a sound, but when that difference is rhythmic, as with binaural tones, the brain synchronizes with the pattern. This process is more effective in the presence of background noise or ambience, which allows humans to hear and locate even subtle sounds.

As an example, the human ear can't directly perceive the .5 - 2 Hz Delta-wave frequencies associated with deep sleep because it is well below the human hearing range, but if you wear headphones or earbuds with one side playing a 135 Hz tone and the other playing a 136 Hz tone your brain will perceive the 1 Hz difference between those frequencies as a periodic beat, in this case matching a low delta wave frequency associated with sleep.

Warning: Do not use BrainWave while driving or operating machinery.
Note: If your vehicle Auto-Plays connected devices use the Ambience+Other background mode.

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
567 Ratings

567 Ratings

TWIS Minion ,

Very useful tool

I find this app to be very handy when I have to shut out distractions on the office environment to focus and stay focused for extended periods of activity. It enables me to dull but nit mute out all the other noise around me. The time actually goes very quickly and I am frequently surprised that I have been thinking or have maintained my concentration for so long. I have also used it to relax at night or if I want to take a Power Nap at weekends

dibee33 ,

Very useful, easy to use, easy 5 stars!

Helpful app for sleep and relaxation, helps with lessening anxiety, enhancing creativity and focus and a whole lot more.

I’ve recommended Brain Wave to a lot of friends who have also found it helpful and it has even helped some deal with the after effects of personal trauma.

Another thing that I really love about the app is that it’s compatible with older iOS versions, requiring 9.0 or later. This makes the app accessible to people who don’t have the latest equipment and it’s very thoughtful. A lot of apps move on as the operating systems move on. It takes effort to keep things accessible.

Thanks, Brain Wave! I appreciate you.

shotsfired💪 ,

Please help

Hi there team Brainwave, I love these apps.🫶
We use them every night for our sleepy time music. I have had a particular issue, which I am hoping your team can help me work out.
For some reason once the app has finished playing through the selected songs, it will play random songs from my iTunes app, ones that I haven’t added to the brainwave app, and unfortunately for my daughter, ones that are definitely not sleepy time music 😬
Wondering what setting I need to change to stop this please?
It has just started doing this on her iPad for the past three nights, my phone has also done this once but never again.
I hope you guys are able to shed some light on this issue for us.
Wishing you all health and happiness 🌅

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