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Unreal Space Racing is a cool space race that will make your heart beat faster with an adrenaline rush with your eyes blinking and with your fingers twitching.
Overcome obstacles at great speed in the infinitely procedural generated universe, jump from springboards, collect different bonuses and armour. Get to the top of the leaderboard before the Unreal Space Racing universe overcomes you!

A perfect time killer that will help to forget about everything on Earth.

Different game modes.
● Training. To develop skills of ruling and survival in a crazy world Unreal Space Racing. Immortal mode without highscores.
● Basic. No aboveground platforms and flies, only general obstacles and bonuses. Not that easy, as it may seem due to the mode's name.
● Active. The whole range of sensations. Flights, platforms, top speed and lots of bonuses.
● Extreme. =coming soon=

Leaderboard. It is a super important part for identification the main maniac of the Unreal Space Racing universe


1= Game can be slow on devices with limited capabilities! It is possible to remove check from the option "High quality" in the menu.

2= You've started a game and disappointed with the speed and dynamics that was promised in the description? The speed is growing till ~280km/h (+320km/h with bonuses) during 60-90 seconds. Otherwise, all the new players will fail before feeling the whole game’s taste.

3= Bonuses?
● Yellow crystal gives 1 score, Orange - 5.
● Simple repair (green spanner key) restores 1 live.
● Super repair (lightgreen spanner key) restores all the lives. In case the lives are full, it gives +1 extra live.
● Acceleration (lightning) increases the speed for +40km/h, even higher.
● Shield (grey pill) gives protection from the side hits.
● Reducing (disk with arrows) reduces the width of the wheel to 30%, which eases the going through the obstacles.
● Magnet (magnet) draws all the bonuses within the range.
● Rocket launcher (red rocket launcher) ejects missiles on the obstacles ahead, exploding them and improving life. It can summed up to 4х times! The more rocket launchers are operating, the more missiles are ejected per second.

Currently, the game is translated to English and Russian. But the game has little text, there is not that much to translate :)

Sincerely hope that you like the game! Send your comments and reviews to our email support@alvakos.com or leave your reviews on this application page :)

Що нового

Версія 1.0.1

- added disable Ads feature;
- fixed minor bugs.


Oleksandr Kosmina
89.7 МБ

Потрібна iOS 10.0 або новішої версії. Сумісність із iPhone, iPad і iPod touch.



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  1. Full Version $2.99


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