Can you beat Mesut Özil at his own game?

Try and beat a football legend’s score in The Longest Kick.

The Longest Kick

How far can you go?


This is it, your chance to become a legend. Those evening five-a-side matches with friends have all been leading to this, and with one kick you could beat a renowned professional at football. Seriously.

The player in question is Arsenal star and former Germany international, Mesut Özil. This isn’t exactly a level playing field, however.

As well as being among the world’s footballing elite, Özil is also the mind behind The Longest Kick, an engaging football game that will have you repeatedly telling yourself ‘just one more go’. And, not content with creating the game, Özil has recorded a score for you to try beat.

Mesut Özil has transformed his passion for gaming into more than a hobby. But can you beat his score?

In your bid to top his high-score the rules are simple; you’ve got to time your kick to send the ball hurtling as far as possible. It’s not just your initial kick that you’ve got to time well.

As the ball bounces its way down the field it will pass a series of colourful corner flags. Tap in time with these and you’ll see your ball continue on its way. Assuming you tap alongside the right flags, that is.

While green and yellow flags accelerate your progress, blue slows things down. And tapping a red flag means instant game over. Feeling lucky? Pink flags are a wildcard option while gold is your ticket to an instantly inflated score.

But what’s the all important score to beat?

Özil harnessed timing, precision and composure to rack up and impressive score of 412.

His advice for beating his score?

“You’ve got to play quick and smart,” Özil tells us. “It’s more important for me that people enjoy playing than beating me – but let’s see if they can beat me.”

So, can you beat Mesut Özil at football? This is your chance to find out.

Download The Longest Kick, set your score and don’t forget to share your results. Ultimate bragging rights await.

    The Longest Kick

    How far can you go?