Idle Tap Zoo


Nellie the elephant has packed her trunk and we've welcomed Spike the unicorn to our zoo.

As you play Idle Tap Zoo it gives you rewards; those rewards enable you to buy things that generate more rewards.

You can choose from a huge variety of creatures, put up statues (which help with your breeding rates) and attempt to squeeze every last penny from your visitors by adding food stalls and entertainment stands.

You can upgrade animals to boost their survival rate and value, and you can trade those animals for other items.

Ride the Lioncoaster.

The bigger and better your zoo, the bigger and better the rewards you accumulate. And once it’s worth a ton of money you can sell it to acquire wackier creatures such as unicorns and werewolves.

Your Idle Zoo is a fun place to spend time in, with a soundtrack that ranges from soothing ambient noodling to the odd burst of urgent orchestral pop.

Unlike many similar games there isn’t a great deal of repetitive clicking: it’s more about making simple decisions and reaping the rewards. Rewards that continue to accumulate even when you’re not actually playing. That makes Idle Tap Zoo a joy to dip in and out of. Even if you end up missing Nellie.

    Idle Tap Zoo