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These are our go-to apps when we need quality recipes for easy weeknight meals, weekend foodie experiments and family gatherings.

From trusted chefs

Both Panna and Great British Chefs feature chefs who have perfected cuisines from around the world. With each recipe, the chefs reveal a bit more about themselves and their families. Hearing the story behind a recipe helps us feel even more connected to this delicious food.

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From experienced editors

NYT Cooking and Epicurious present beautiful, curated sections with of-the-moment recipes. Find recipe collections for your slow cooker or Instant Pot, comforting suppers and what's most popular right now. These apps are constantly updated to reflect cultural days and the seasons.

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From pop culture

We probably spend too much time lusting after images and videos of food we see on the internet, and we’ve made our peace with that. BuzzFeed’s Tasty app means anyone can follow their simple, step-by-step video recipes IRL. Pinterest is still the best place to save recipes you’ve spotted online—take this occasion to revisit some of your pins from last year.


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